This article from the Baltimore Sun:

We did everything right; our kid still got COVID

We hunkered down, worked from home, wore masks, shopped online, did virtual school (the whole time), joined a pandemic pod, avoided large gatherings, ate outside, and my husband and I got vaccines the second we were eligible. Yet, as I write this, our 8-year-old daughter is upstairs in her room, under a fort of blankets, with a sore throat, fever, cough and a confirmed case of COVID.

Where did we go wrong?

It’s a simple answer.  You adopted a religious mentality and believed that if you were a pious Covidian who practiced all the tenets of the faith, you and your family would be spared.

In reality, a highly communicable airborne virus will do what a highly communicable airborne virus will do, a Covidian Niqab not withstanding.

Nature takes its course and it is the height of hubris to believe that a cloth mask and grocery delivery will stop that.

But I honestly hope your kid gets better, because unlike Covidians, I recognize that getting COVID isn’t a punishment for the faithless but just what happens when a highly communicable airborne virus is present in the population.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Branch Covidian wonders why their faith failed them”
  1. Let me see if I have this right, a family using all protective methods had their isolated child, who is in the group of least likely to catch wu-flu catch it…

    Yeah, I’m going with b.s.

    A tear jerking story in a rag telling me to do something to protect their darling child.

    See, we did everything right, it must be the fault of those that aren’t obeying…

  2. So their child has gotten a virus, and feeling ill. Fortunately that virus has a mortality rate in that age group of 0.05%, and has a 99.95% chance of a full recovery, and like you, I hope she does. The preventative measures enforced by her all so woke parents will likely will have a greater toll on the poor kid. I just get a feeling she will be taught that she is guilty of racism from before she was born, striving for good grades is racist behavior, being on time is racist behavior, and she should decline promotions to allow ‘victims’ to succeed….

    Where did they go wrong? In their belief of dogma over reality. And likely they will make that same error over and over.

    Their daughter doesnt stand a chance.

  3. Where did they go wrong?

    They didn’t. They tried to protect their child, and their child got sick anyway.

    What went wrong is the education system in this country. I am guessing the parents are in their 30s (based on the eight year old), possibly 40s. Which means they got their education after the leftists took over the education system.

    I was lucky enough to go through K-12 before schools turned into indoctrination camps, and I got taught to question what you hear. To not automatically believe it just because an “authority” said it.

    When I grew up, the science was never settled, it was always to be questioned.

    I never learned enough to acquire expertise, but I did learn about viral transmission, health and human biology, chemistry, physics, math, statistics, and how they all interrelate and rely on each other for life on this planet.

    Most importantly, I learned to ask “compared to what?” whenever I heard scary statistics.

    These folks apparently never learned that. Had they learned it, they would have known that nothing short of a positive pressure bubble with its own independent sanitized air supply would provide 100% prevention for their child. And, that is even questionable because as soon as you break the seal for food and elimination of waste, you create a vector for the virus to enter.

    But, here they are, unable to understand how their child got sick. I think instead of writing articles for the local bird dropping catcher, they should be suing their school system for the education they so richly deserve.

  4. I see the CDC (Covidian Dogma Center) he now determined that pregnant women can (should? must?) get the vax. Children under 12 still can’t, but apparently it’s OK for a fetus. Arrgh.

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