I saw Miguel’s post, Young Turk Cenk likes Bestialism.

I just wanted to remind readers that Cenk Uygur is running for Congress in CA-25.

Which means, the people of that district will go from being represented by a woman who liked to have group sex with her staffers to a guy who likes to suck off horses.

The good news for Uygur is that while that is disgusting, since he can’t put a horse on his Congressional payroll, it won’t be an ethics violation.

I’d say that the clip Miguel posted would make the perfect anti-Uygur ad for the Republican running against him.  Except the way the radical Progressive LGBT community is going, they will show up in sequined costumes, pink wigs, waving rainbow flags saying that men who like to fuck their way through a petting zoo are an oppressed minority and you are a bigot if the though of a man and a Shetland pony grosses you out.

I just wonder, after Hill and Uygur, who are the voters of CA-25 going to elect next?  The ghost of Jeffery Epstein?

After a staffer-banger and a horse-fucker, has to come pedophile rapist.

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By J. Kb

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