This is a follow-up to my post Store owners are going to become more violent.

In it, I posted this video of two store workers giving a shoplifter a much needed ass whooping.

Literally caning his ass.


Well, this took place in California, where shoplifters are a protected class.

Stockton police investigating 7-Eleven workers in viral beatdown

Stockton police said they are investigating the assault of a 7-Eleven robbery suspect by two workers and say the suspected thief is believed to have robbed the store two other times within the same 24-hour period.

Video of the July 29 assault has gained national attention. In the more than five-minute clip, a man can be seen emptying shelves of cigarettes and other products from the store’s shelves before the clerks step in to stop him. The clip shows one of the clerks pinning the man down while another beats the would-be thief with what appears to be a pole.

Stockton police said in an update Saturday that they were aware of two other reports of early morning robberies at the 7-Eleven location involving the same suspected thief, one on July 28 and another on July 29.

Police said that on July 28 at 3:41 a.m., a 7-Eleven worker reported the suspect going behind the counter and threatening to shoot the clerk if he intervened. The suspect then took several packs of cigarettes in a large garbage bag before fleeing.

On July 29 at 12:27 a.m., a 7-Eleven worker reported the suspect demanding money at the store while simulating that he had a handgun. When the worker didn’t comply, the suspect grabbed food items and put them in a garbage bag before leaving, police said.

At some point later in the morning, the man is believed to have returned to the store, police said. That’s when the beating captured in the viral video took place.

They said that after their investigation concludes, they will forward the findings to the San Joaquin County district attorney for review.

Let’s recap.

This criminal had robbed that particular 7-Eleven twice before, both times claiming to have a gun and threatening workers.

The police did nothing.

The criminal returned again, and the workers decided they had had enough and have the criminal some stick time.

Now the police are investigating them and will see to their prosecution.

Working people are not the concern of the California government.  Criminals are a protected class and the people who stand up to them will be punished.

I fundamentally do not understand what the endgame here is, because this will eventually drive every business out of California.

It’s malicious and being done for a reason, I just can’t tell what that reason is.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “California loves criminals and hates crime victims”
  1. THIS is the biggest fight We the People face. Evil liberals in positions of power. I think if more and more businesses beat down criminals the liberals will be unable to prosecute them all. Id put a sign in the window “police not welcome here”… and blast “social media” with the obvious twisted logic of these fukkin lunatic liberals….and plead not guilty and demand a jury trial. Only way to win is us liberals tatics against them. Remember kids- police are NOT your friend..

  2. Sorry for the length, couldn’t think of a way to say it more concisely.
    The foundational difference between Liberalism and Conservatism is, one believes a Socialistic Utopia is possible using means to an end methodology, and the other knows a societal utopia is nothing but fantasy, and totally unrealistic. The ultimate reason for this seemingly unjust act is due to the former.
    Liberals believe almost all “bad people” as society defines them, are a direct and indirect result of Conservative Capitalists and their ideology of individualism and morality. Utopia therefore is impossible when successful hardworking individuals excel in a free individualistic society. Therefore, conservatives are the opposition to the liberals’ objective, to make all things in society equal and fair for all, from the poorest to the richest.
    Enter the richest, never satisfied businessman. The most ambitious of all successful businessman, who’s ambition it is to be at the top of the financial universe. This class of individual is essential to the natural society, for without this class, the level of societal advancement would not be financially nor technologically possible. Is the member of this class the picture of morality? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no, but that is the nature of humanity, good vs evil is natural law which cannot be avoided no matter what utopian proponents assert.
    However, there are members of this class, who study society, which they create and influence with their enormous success. And they decide to get into the ‘game’ of societal creator. So, some class members embrace the idea of societal utopia for a variety of reasons, of which some are immoral. And they fund such movements to influence society. Perhaps the best illustration of this type of person is George Soros. He believes in a one world order of societal fairness and equality and there is no changing his mind about how good he is for the world. Anyone who opposes him is simply not intelligent enough to know what’s best for them and should be pitied and then ignored or better yet, cancelled.
    The reason government enacts social justice regulations which seem to make no sense at all in the status quo, moral world we live in. is to…..get paid huge sums of money to ‘force’ the idea of utopia on those who are non-believers. In this case here, a black man at the bottom of the money pyramid, is a victim not of his own choosing, but rather due to the system of dog-eat-dog society where only the strong survive, and the weak die miserable. Any suffering the businessman experiences pales in comparison to the black man “forced to break the law in a totally unfair society which has sinned against him, his parents and his grandparents”. All should suffer equally if in fact any suffer at all.
    Now the person sitting at the top of the cash pile of society, knows exactly what the scene on the streets seems to look like. But believes that the ends justify the means. And perhaps, as the cases like this over the past decades seem to indicate, there is a belief that the social conflict created, is necessary to advance society in a direction which……financially rewards the man at the top of the cash pile. “It’s evil personified, but so is life, so grow up”…. thinks the guy at the top. He’ll seize all what is there for the taking, whether perceived as good or evil, it doesn’t matter.
    There are people who know that in this world, the nice guy always finishes last, if he in fact finishes at all. And since you can’t take it with you, you might as well do whatever it takes to take it all. To win the game of Gold. The ruse of ruses, create a powerful government to enact the very laws which provide me with more money than God. All I have to do is to bring a few government guys with me for some laughs. It’s fun creating a crisis in order to get paid by anyone who is not me. Feels good to rule my part of the world through of all things, the farcical idea of fairness and equality.

    1. Soros dreams of once more looting the homes of the people sent off to death camps. It was the happiest time of his life.

      1. You’re right, Soros was thrilled to help Hitler’s objective to purify Germany of what he asserted as did Soros, a people who were there only to exploit and capitalize on the Germans demise while controlling Germany’s wealth and thus their nation. Germany would then become the New Jerusalem.
        Soros viewed his own people, as predatory. For that they were to be condemned. Soros endeavored to serve the ‘greater good’ per fairness and equality. Again, Soros as Hitler, believed they were the rightful arbitrator of what good and evil was. And therefore they’re self-perceived righteousness, superseded all other ideologies competing for the power to govern. And enough powerful people enabled the shift in power. Evil promoting itself as Good, prevailed.
        It should be noted that there were more Germans who opposed Hitler and Soros, and people like Soros, who were murdered, than the Jews who were murdered. They stood in the way of progress for Germany, was the justification used to remove them from existence.

  3. I suppose this is one way to get stores to stop video recording everything that happens inside.
    No reason to do so if thieves aren’t prosecuted. When you add in that the video could be used as evidence against the shopkeeper if they defend themselves or their livelihoods? Yeah … What video?

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