Ms. Ashley bills herself as a “lifelong sexuality educator.”  Which means she has figured out how to make a career out of talking to elementary school children about sex.

Consider what sort of person creates a summer camp for children ages 8 to 10 to teach them about things like insertables and pornography.

Yes.  The words “groomer” and “pedophile” are appropriate.

Also consider what sort of parents would pay for that camp.  Clearly not ones interested in their children’s well being but to use their children to score Woke points among their peers.

I think I too will start a summer camp.

We will teach children how to identify predators and perverts.

How to defend themselves from emotionally and psychologically manipulative adults.

And how to safely operate a woodchipper when grinding a pedophile into mulch.

I’m honestly terrified that a person can list something like this online and not get raided.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Camp Chip-A-Groomer will be opening for the summer session”
  1. What the living fuck???

    I cannot fathom a parent thinking that this is what their child needs. Not to mention: Is it even legal where she is?

  2. I 1,000,000% support your camp idea. Teach the children to identify predators is something that is sorely lacking these days. Maybe the woodchipper is a bit overboard, but only of you use actual humans during the demonstrations
    Seriously though. Sex ed was taught in grade/middle school if I remember correctly. It was about biology, mentioning puberty, there was a bit about sex, but it was more biology than enjoyment. Yes, there was some mention of pleasure, etc… but it was limited.
    Somehow, I think this “camp” will teach the children about getting off, and they will walk out with almost zero knowledge about biology. I am sure every child will be able to locate the clit, but I bet they will not have any idea what the uterus does after this education.

  3. It IS amazing that these people on one hand are openly promoting their sick ideas and on the other hand screaming about “protecting the children”. It would be interesting to see who sends kids to this..

  4. I am almost at a loss for words.

    Oh wait, no. I have some.

    “Turn, face the ditch, and kneel down.”

  5. I’m honestly terrified that a person can list something like this online and not get raided.

    At the rate things are going, within six months we’re going to get raided for not posting something like this.

  6. Part of the BSA’s leader training is “Youth Protection Training.” Part of that training has to do with mandatory reporting for suspected child abuse issues. All of what we’re seeing here is classic grooming behavior. Teachers are mandatory reporters, meaning that THEY ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO REPORT SUSPECTED GROOMING BEHAVIOR, just as they are LEGALLY REQUIRED to report other evidence of suspected abuse. It seems to me that there’s opportunity for considerable entertainment here–surely there are mandatory reporters who could report the grooming behavior, along with the failure of the other mandatory reporters to report….

  7. The eventrbrite link got taken down. Anybody have that info? I’m an Indiana resident. I want to report this to the ISP.

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