Egerton Ryerson was a Methodist Minister and Chief Superintendent of Education for Upper Canada who was largely responsible for creating the public school system in Ontario.

The Left hates him because he was instrumental in creating the Indian residential school system.

This is one of the individuals who tore down the statue and desecrated it:


This is one of his posts:


Canada is letting people who wear Che shirts decide what statutes are racist and will not replace them when people who wear Che shirts destroy them.

That is utterly suicidal.

When a nation allows its history to be decided by people in Che shirts, it doesn’t want to live anymore.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “Canada is committing suicide”
  1. Not Just Canada

    A mob including an American Indiam Movement leader tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus at the MN State Capitol June 10, 2020. Last year.

    They pulled it down right in front of a Minnesota State Highway Patrol CAPTAIN after he warned them not to do it. No one was arrested, detained, or even inconvenienced. The video made the newscasts. People were outraged. there was over $150,000 in damages.

    It took the politically correct, toothless, worthless Walz Democrat administration two months to charge ONE Person. They couldn’t sweep it under the rug, because there was video if it. These are the same idiotic Democrats that let 100 blocks of Minneapolis be looted, trashed, and burnt down about a billion dollars in damages over four (4!) days and nights of riots and anarchy in the “George Floyd riots” before they finally called in enough National Guard. The only reason they finally acted because Trump was going to send in the Army. The four days of riots and governmental feckless incompetence was broadcast 24/7 on all 4 local TV stations from Wednesday through Sunday Midnight.

    They charged Michael Forcia with a Felony. No one else was charged. None of the dozen or so others pulling the ropes or pushing it over. He got 100 hours of community service. No felony record. No financial restitution. $150,000.00 in damges that the Taxpaying Public will have to eat along with a side order of Steaming Sh**.

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