Car burglar caught by armed owner. Police makes arrest.

But I want you to go to 11:06 when the police arrives and watch the armed car owner’s behavior and actions when cops arrive.

Putting the weapon on the ground, raising your hands and not moving do help make the officers feel a bit less strained about you.

This was in Texas and I am not going to discuss the smarts about confronting a burglar at night.

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  1. The only concern I can see about laying down the gun as the cop car is driving up is that it makes it accessible to the bad guy. It actually looks like he is moving in that direction, but he doesn’t reach it all the way.

    1. Probably would be better to holster it, but this being the middle of the night, chances are good it was grabbed out of a safe and the holster was back inside the house.

      If the weapon was a semi-automatic, dropping the magazine while laying the weapon down would probably be a good idea. If the suspect had made a dash to grab the gun, he’d have gotten an empty weapon. (Maybe the one round in the chamber.)

  2. Remember this is Texas. We have a “right” to use deadly force to protect property. As this was “theft at nighttime”, he could have lit the thief up and of course if he had resisted, also used deadly force. Also did you notice the cop unloaded the gun and put it on the back of the guy’s pickup and the guy picked it up when he went back into the house.

  3. The owner wasn’t the brightest, though. Read through the comments and you’ll see he admits to leaving his truck unlocked frequently, and in two of the times his truck was burglarized, the thief got a gun from the center console. TWICE.

  4. Since I installed my camera system two and a half years ago, we have caught burglars on film three times. The thieves simply went through the neighborhood and burglarized every unlocked car they found. In 2017, the idiot that lives across the street had two cars, and kept the keys for car #1 inside of car #2’s glove box.

    In the burglary from June 2018, they broke into four cars (including a cop car, which they got into by breaking a window). One of those cars had a gun in the console, which the thief had on him when he tried to get into my truck. Had I confronted him it is highly likely that a gunfight would have been the result. We were not home at the time.

    Check it out here, on my blog.

    In all three cases, the burglars were caught, and the stolen car recovered because the cops used my footage to find them. The latest thief is awaiting trial on armed burglary charges.

    1. ” the idiot that lives across the street had two cars, and kept the keys for car #1 inside of car #2’s glove box. ”
      I saw case like that but I did not tabulate the video because it was incomplete. And lots of people keep hose keys with car keys so you can imagine what would happen.

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