“Are you a member of the Liberal elite in the top 5% who has a job that has the luxury and privilege of not tying you to a specific location? Do you love what your policies have done to California where you are insulted by your wealth from the damage you have done to the middle and working classes? Why not carpetbag in Florida and turn the Sunshine State into East Golden State? The Democrat machine could use you.”

If I were in Florida right now, I’d start building large wooden F’s to start burning on transplants’ lawns.

South Florida is already getting to be prohibitively expensive for the middle class. Add California income and property tax and it will be unlivable.

North Venezuela.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Carpetbaggers”
  1. Lotsa cold, lotsa snow, lotsa dangerous wildlife, lotsa people with guns, lotsa stinky farm critters in Idaho. Move to Hawaii instead.

  2. Ya hawaii. Its already full of liberals. Texans are fearfull of this. Up here in Maine it is turning into envirohippyliberalelite land. We lost the ONLY republican congressman in new england to a socialist dem. Us patriots have a fight on our hands. I fear it may be a losing one. Lots of us are thinkin bout moving south. If YOU are a patriot YOU need to get off yer ass and get involved. Too many got lazy and stayed home. “ theres football on tv!” Well maybe they will let you watch football on the way to the “showers”.

  3. They are trying that crap in Texas. But only in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. They are ‘afraid’ to get out of the metro areas, afraid they will be killed… 🙂

    1. Add the border counties as well – San Antonio is still a bit of a toss up – get rid of the castro brothers and we might be able to salvage it – tough fight but still possible.

  4. “Lets move to a new place and inflict the same policies that made us leave the last place” – – Everyone who has moved to Nashville in the past 10 years.

  5. And people think my article:


    Is just foil hat territory.

    These people are MISSIONARIES. They are DEAD SET to take over BAMN.

    @Curby: Here in NH the Massholes are doing the same (xref wizardpc). Move north to escape MA taxes and regulations, and then vote for the same kind of people. (Full disclosure: I was born in the “Peoples Republic of Taxachusetts” but escaped the Left’s thought plantation years ago.)

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