A post from Divemedic about a carjacking at somebody’s driveway.

I won’t say I carry inside the house, but I went years ago with the schoolings of Cat Shannon* and there are guns about 3 feet from me anywhere inside the domicile, including long guns.

But if I go outside, I am carrying even if it is to mow the lawn.

I am usually dressed light while mowing and the little Remington 380 loaded with Critical Duty does not make much of a bounce while riding in the zero turn. And it is pretty accurate and reliable, so I do not feel too under gunned.

(*) Cat Shannon is the main character of the book and the movie The Dogs of War. In the flick, he has a gun pretty much hidden everywhere in his apartment including the fridge.  Unfortunately the Missus will not allow a firearm inside the Frigidaire.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Carry Everywhere indeed.”
  1. personally, I have “Henry” or “Harry” in a holster no matter where I am in or out of the hacienda… always in arms reach.

  2. Home invasions, follow-home robberies, etc. have convinced me to carry at home as well. We suffered an attempted home invasion back in the 90s, and I spent time accessing my ready firearm before taking a defensive stand and getting on the phone to the police (who never came to the house). The three bad guys kicked our steel mesh outer door for about 5 minutes–which opened OUT–making amazing amounts of noise and alarming the entire neighborhood, before they finally gave up. They ignored the nearby windows that would have made less noise than the door!

    I was stuck with a small, 5-shot .38 loaded with target wadcutters, hoping I could stop them with 5 rounds and knowing I probably wouldn’t have time to reload with the Speed Strip that had been hidden away with the Taurus. The police finally drove down the street 30 minutes later and drove away.

    Now I have an “always gun” similar to your Remington: a Glock 42 and a spare magazine that are on me at all times at home. Seven rounds of Hornady hollow points and better sights and trigger than a Brazilian J-frame. It’s 100% concealed in a pocket: a must with a rabidly anti-gun family member in the home, who will throw a fit if he sees a firearm. Now, if I have time to go for a secured firearm, it’s something much more effective than a small handgun.


  3. After encounters with asshole the plow truck driver and a dude who leaned so far off his motorcycle to yell at me for grass clippings in the road I thought he was going to fall off, I was literally looping around to blow them off the road and I guarantee I have more miles on my BMW then this fair weather Harley rider had in his last 3 bikes combined and maybe he should not ride like a jackass with no helmet and learn to deal with loose surfaces… Anyways, I have found being armed for snow removal and grass cutting seems necessary because of these encounters, let alone from any of the numerous other strangers that might decide to assail me.

  4. Hell I can’t even play golf at the muni course anymore with some jackass going on a tirade because my friend and I didn’t want to pair up with him and his buddy and make a foursome. At 6pm during twilight play with no starter when just about anything goes…

  5. Sen. Rand Paul’s experience is certainly a good demonstration that carrying while doing lawn work is a good idea.

  6. Since having been attacked by my neighbor’s dog 13 years ago (dug under the fence between the yards) I’ve never opened a portal to the exterior without a suitable projectile expeller in hand or on hip; yard work means a compact 45 in a fanny pack. Inside the AR pistol follows me around the house unless I’m wearing something with a belt that will support a holster. Been giving very serious thought to a chest holster for one of the 10MMs, specifically the Sig comped compact.

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