The other day I said the anti-gun Left trusts thieves.

If only you give thieves what they want, they won’t hurt you, do there is never any reason to use force to defend yourself during a robbery.

Let’s see how well that actually works.

Man shines flashlight down from window at catalytic converter thieves, only to be shot at

As CBS 2’s Shardaa Gray reported Thursday, Alberto Collon tried to scare off catalytic converter thieves outside his home – only to run into gunfire.

Collon woke up to what sounded like his car being tampered with.

Collon grabbed a flashlight and went to the window. He opened the shades and shined the flashlight toward the suspects – as

Collon thought this would be a harmless gesture he thought would scare off the thieves. Instead, someone started shooting at him.

The thieves trying to steal a catalytic converter were wiling to kill a man over it.  He didn’t do anything more than shine a light out a window to see what was going on that made a noise and they tried kill him.

Why would anyone assume that these thieves wouldn’t committ a homicide of they robbed a convenience store or a house?

“Is your property worth killing someone over,” the Left loves to ask.

Why do they ignore that quite often the criminals have already decided that your property is worth killing you for.

Never trust a thief.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Catalytic converter theft and violence”
  1. Trying to reason with a liberal is like wrestling a pig in its pen…. This is a good example of it. Good reason to have lots of external lights.. converter theft has kinda died off hear cause we have Constitutional carry…

  2. Hm… One lesson (assuming the bad guys can aim and aren’t that thoughtful), hold the light away from your body. It also suggests that using a weapon mounted light for this purpose might not be a great idea.
    So … Anyone up for a rousing discussion of thermal vs low-light optics?

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