Moms Demand: Lies work. Let’s lie again.

Here we go again.

Moms Demand GOP debate

A bit more subtle this time, but not that much. Quicken Loans Arena does prohibit firearms in its property, but they have been doing so for a long while now and it is not as Shannon’s Media Minion suggests, for the GOP debates.

And obviously, neither Fox nor the GOP had to do anything with that internal decision by QLA, but Moms Demand have never been shy about lying before, so why stop now. And I bet if you ask them directly, they will come out and say that Fox and the GOP could have asked QLA to relinquish the prohibition but since they didn’t do so, they approved it for this event. Yeah, they are mentally twisted that way.

And what is the perception among their followers? Did they take the bait?

Moms Demand GOP debate 2
The usual collage of replies… have fun!


I think that hook was set somewhere in their collective lower intestines they swallowed so hard.

One again: If your cause is so righteous, why lie?

Is CSGV in economic troubles?

Caught this not so veiled request for money.

CSGV Funding

And what also struck me as interesting (and damned proof of Astroturfing) was that after 41 minutes, they only had 2 (two) replies, none saying they contributed and one complaining about the racial profile of the group.  Usually when the post something, the replies are almost immediate and plentiful, specially if they can insult and threaten Gun Owners. But when they ask for money, they get crickets and a Social Justice Warrior, no cash.

We’ll see what happens…

That State of Emergency and prohibition of gun & ammo sales? Walmart Manager went stupid. 

I kept pressing Walmart’s spokesman hard for the county official’s name. By Monday afternoon, things began to fall apart.
Mullins sheepishly admitted a “co-manager” at the store, whom he declined to name, decided on their own to halt gun and ammo sales during the emergency, citing Florida Statute 870.044.
I pointed out to Mullins that this statute does allow a county government to suspend firearms and ammunition sales, but only during a riot or other “general public disorder.” It says nothing about halting gun sales during inclement weather.
“That’s something we’ve addressed at the store and with the co-manager who made the decision,” Mullins admitted. “I think there was a judgement call made by management. If any mistakes were made, they’re certainly being addressed with the co-manager.”

Source: Column: Walmart halts gun, ammo sales during flooding emergency ‘to comply with the law’ – The Gun Writer

Was it just a case of plain stupidity or Gun Control Induced stupidity? I guess we will never know. Should they be held liable? I don’t know if there is really a standing on that. The crowd over Florida carry may know better.

Silver linings and stuff like that? I am guessing a memo will be (if it is not already) flying to all Florida stores reminding managers about the gun laws of the State of Florida.

Back to our regular programming.

Where do criminals get their guns?

For years, gun control advocates have been peddling the claim that “40 percent of gun sales do not go through background checks.” Recently the claim has made its way into several news outlets, including the Las Vegas Sun, USA Today, and the New York Times. The claim that 40 percent of gun sales do not go through a federal background check is false and comes from a decades-old survey that has been widely debunked.

Source: Fact Checking… – Nobody Asked Me…

Go read it and bookmark it. Anybody blabbers about the 40% or other related stupidity, you slap him with this.