Poor Marissa Alexander now facing 60 years in prison

Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but a judge ordered her to receive a new trial.

Now, the State Attorney’s Office has announced they’re seeking a 60-year sentence for Alexander – triple her original sentence!

Who’s prosecuting the case? Well, it’s none other than State Attorney Angela Corey’s office.

Corey is the prosecutor whose failure to convict George Zimmerman played out on an international stage.

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Every time I see the name Angela Corey, a song pops in my head:

Well Don’t trust your soul to no back woods Southern lawyer
Cause the judge in the town’s got bloodstains on his hands.
Reba McEntire “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

It unfortunately says a lot about Florida Lawyers when somebody like Corey is not at least under investigation and deep scrutiny by the Florida Bar. This is not the action of a prosecutor intent on justice be served but of a petty person engaged in judicial revenge.

We are getting very close to a Banana Republic-type judicial system in this country.  Instead of checks and balances, now every branch has decided to augment its own power without interference from the others on the back of the citizens they are supposed to be working for.

Not a good sign.

Hat Tip to Florida Carry.


Measures have to be taken when parents fail to educate.

A yellow ribbon around a dog’s collar is to help children identify that you need to proceed with caution. The dog may not be child friendly, may have fear or anxiety issues, or may be overly excited.  Either way, caution should be applied when approaching.

via Do You Know What A Yellow Ribbon Tied On A Dog’s Collar Means?.

I was initially insulted by the article, but then quickly realized it is not the fault of the dog people but of the parents that are unable to teach their kids the basics of reality.

Unless you and your kid know the dog well, all dogs are considered to be unfriendly till proven otherwise. And even then, a dog may do some damage if the proper events or stimuli were to happen.  My wife was bitten by a dog when she was little and this dog was well known and friendly till one stormy night when it freaked big time because of thunder and lightning.  She was distrustful and even fearful of dogs till we got married and one of my dobbies fell in love with her allowing her to once again like dogs.  After that and a wee bit of training on my part, she became knowledgeable and fearless of dogs to the point of staring down and cowering my parents’ German shepherd and a Belgian malinois into submission (she does the same to me on a regular basis.)

Teach your kids (and I am talking small children here) not to approach a dog without an adult present and then only with his/her permission. Also teach them the indicators of a dog being normal & friendly versus being fearful and/or aggressive in case the owner is a moron.

There are plenty of resources on the net regarding how to behave and even how to defend yourself against a dog attack.  The articles are good and all, but they are a bit shy on actually tell you to go ahead and kill the dog if needed. If you have a weapon, use it. If you don’t have one, crush their larynx, gouge eyes out, bite the nose off and do whatever is necessary to avoid major injury.

Moms Demand Action versus Staples: We mean it this time!

Moms Staples Mean it


Moms Demand appears to be on the fast downhill slope to irrelevancy. The original run with a Staples Store in Virginia where they claimed the manager followed their demands and made the store Gun Free only to be revealed later that it was just a lie. But apparently that was not enough and Shannon Watts started a signature campaign to force Staple’s CEO to change the chain’s policy regarding guns. This is the result so far:

Moms Staples Mean it 2


They collected 12,348 on-line signatures in 5 months! That is about 82 signatures per day.  Again, the best they could do was to get 82 people on average to click on a link and write their name on a form.  They are less effective than what a Girl Scout selling cookies in San Francisco did in 2 hours.

I think we are seeing (for now) that Gun Control groups are forsaking to change public opinion so regular folks pressure their representatives and more direct pressure on the politicritters in the form of electoral cash and the threat of well-funded challengers.

If they make the tactical mistake of forsaking public opinion, we should jump in with both feet and keep presenting our culture. But that also means not behaving like idiots by doing the “Fuck You! That is Why!” public relations approach.

Be polite, present your side, agree to disagree & say Thank You to those who are inquiring about Gun Culture. We will always need more votes.


Finally got approached because of my Shoot Me Vest.

Yesterday I finally had to put away my old battered Eotac Lightweight vest (not made anymore, damn it) and start using a Woolrich my beloved Better Half got me for Christmas. As I was leaving work and kitting up in the parking lot as discreetly as possible, I was approached by a co-worker, a gentleman well in his 70s who wanted to ask me a question about the vest.

I mentally went “Oh crap. After 13 years of carrying concealed with a vest, somebody finally has tagged me. Blame Michael Bane’s last podcast! He jinxed me!”

So I readied myself to be polite and prepared myself to be asked the usual questions about why I carry, is it legal, etc. Instead the gentleman said he liked the vest a lot and wondered where he could buy one for himself!  So I wrote down the brand and model and told him that the easiest way was to get it online from slew of merchandisers.

The Myth of the Shoot-Me Vest remains a myth.  I think sometimes we worry about stupid stuff instead of the things that can actually hurt us.

2014 – The Year of the Confiscations. (NJ)

The New Jersey Assembly’s Law and Public Safety Committee was scheduled to hold a public hearing on Monday (postponed for snow) about a bill that reduces the maximum magazine from capacity from 15 to 10, but in effect goes even further. Since the legislation covers both detachable and fixed magazines, it has the effect of to banning popular, low-caliber rifles…

…They discovered that the bill would affect tube-fed, semi-automatic rifles because the magazine cannot be separated from the gun.

Thus, the experts found that at least 43 common rifles would suddenly be considered a prohibited “assault firearm,” such as the .22 caliber Marlin Model 60, Remington Nylon 66 and Winchester 190.

Just having one such gun would turn a law-abiding owner into a felon overnight.

Possession of an “assault firearm” is a second-degree crime in New Jersey. The penalty is up to 10 years in jail and a mandatory minimum sentence of three to five years, with no chance of parole.

…“This bill is a gun ban, there’s no question about that,” Scott Bach, the executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, told me in an interview…

Even worse, the bill has no grandfather clause and no amnesty period. So as soon as this legislation becomes law, everyone in possession of these rifles is automatically a felon and the guns are subject to seizure by the government.

via MILLER: New Jersey bill is outright gun ban on .22-caliber rifles and leads to confiscation – Washington Times.

As predicted, the Federal Legislative side has been forgotten and they are concentrating on the legislatures. If the bill passes (although I am expecting a big resistance and maybe the Opposition saying “Ooops, we did not mean them little rimfire rifles and it was also a ‘technical mistake’ about the grandfathering” so they can save face and see if they can shove the 10 round restriction anyway. Why? because that would be a compromise and we need to be understanding.

Sort of, “OK, I promise I will use Vaseline… Do you trust me now? And stop wiggling, the handcuffs will bruise your wrists.”

Realities of a Defensive Rifle

A common question we get regarding home defense is should the home owner use a rifle or a pistol. For about 90% of the population our advise seems counter intuitive; but hands down it is the pistol.

via Realities of a Defensive Rifle.  Jeff Gonzales

I am of the idea that any household should have the Triumvirate of handgun-shotgun-rifle. But I also believe that for inside work, the pistol is the better option.

Ha tip to TacticalYellowVisor.net