Brady Campaign: They like to see more people killed!

You have to love knee-jerk reactions coming out of the Opposition:

brady defensive display

The article they mention is from our favorite Anti-Gun Gome Pyle, Lt. Col. Robert Bateman. As usual he does not make a whole lot of sense and raves up and down so I will save you the effort and say he does not like the law, the NRA, you, me and probably Moon Pies either.

At the Florida Legislature, both houses have versions of the Defensive Display of a Firearm on their desks. It simply states that you can display your gun without having to shoot the criminal to stop a forcible felony instead of being sent to prison for it.  This law is basically intended to curb idiotic and anti-gun prosecutors from filing charges on obvious cases where a bit of common sense indicates that having nobody bleeding is a much better choice than having to call the morgue truck. But it seems this obvious detail is hard to process for a Gun Control Advocate.

And as usual, the comment pouring out of the Brady followers are enlightening on their own. Apparently the idea that a warning shot must be done vertically and up is firmly planted in their heads…. must be prime time TV and all those action movies they swear they never watch:

Carolyn Purdue and install a bullet-proof roof on your house. What goes up must come down…somewhere.

Kenneth Keith They are pushing for revolution because a black man is in “their” White House!
Meg Rose-Petersen Dumb f’n Florida! I hate this state!! Do they not get that what bullet goes up, must come down? I can’t wait to see how many cars, homes, bldgs, etc have bullets stuck in them. POS, DB, NRA and it’s penisless bought off legislators and extremists.
John Lemieux Why? In Florida you can just shoot someone dead and say they were attacking you, why bother with warning shots?
Q Tracy Rogers Now that is another example of “responsible” gun owners huh? No concern that, the bullet has to land somewhere? A small part of hope for the future should be noted- when the bullet lands, if it hurts anyone or property another gun owner becomes a felon and not allowed to own anymore. (and I say without joy, they usually hit themselves or a family member).
Dear Oscillating Mother Of Petunia…. what a bunch of idiots.

Surfing in Blood (part 3): A little bit of everything.

Starting with these are not all the emails between MAIG and the NYC government regarding Gun Control and I even doubt the cover all the emails requested by judicial watch. Not they are all the emails about Sandy Hook out of MAIG.

On this post, I am not going to be structured much. Reading 500+ pages of crap I do not like in a day makes for an interesting headache. I’ll post captures of the documents that reveal ideas, tendencies or thoughts not covered before.  Originally I was going to end the analysis of this emails today, but rereading I found some other stuff that might require attention and hopefully some help from the readers, specially the monetary part. So expect at least one or two more posts.

Let’s begin:

maig awbNote the date and time. The bodies of the victims were still on the floor at Sandy Hook Elementary as the Crime Scene technicians were collecting evidence. Yet this “persons” were already thinking strategy.

MAIG Robin Kelly IL 2 district
The Robin mentioned apparently is Robin Kelly who was the Democratic Party candidate and eventual replacement of Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District Election previously held by one Jesse Jackson, Jr. who had to vacate the post after pleading guilty to charges of fraud, conspiracy, making false statements, mail fraud, wire fraud, and criminal forfeiture. Cash was injected from Bloomberg’s coffers to her campaign. Bloomberg & NYC employees meddling in the elections of other states in a strategy that was to be repeated in Colorado.

And we have some examples that seem to infer at a minimum a concerted coordination with a complicit media:




MAIG Erica Goode
Erica Goode writes about human behavior for the New York Times.

I know I am missing one about the Media…I’ll post when I re-find it

An idea to try to influence major Sport Leagues:
MAIG Sports

And MAIG really does not like the Brady Campaign.  Are they wishing the Bradys leave the Gun Control business for good? Who knows?

MAIG v Brady deux


Remember that Credit Cards and other companies were all of the sudden reluctant to deal with firearms? May it have started here?
MAIG Credit cards retailersThe Raben Group is a powerful DC Lobby group aligned with very powerful entities such as the Joyce Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation,  Los Angeles Unified School District (Which wanted to divest  firearms investments from their retirement fund) and a whole slew of other well-known characters including….wait for it… MAIG.

More to come.



Surfing in Blood (part 2): “I saw them first! Leave my Celebrities Alone!” (Infights and other things)

Let me start with a caveat now and I will repeat again in future posts: These are not all the emails between MAIG and the NYC government regarding Gun Control and I even doubt the cover all the emails requested by judicial watch.

That being said,  MAIG looks less professional that initially thought. Don’t be fooled, they are a fantastic team when it relates to shaping, directing & controlling media to push their message.  New York is the advertising capital of the world and they have access to some of the biggest names (mentioned through the emails) in advertising and they are not shy at exploitation of survivors or their relatives. It also helps that many of these firms are staffed or owned by former Democrat operatives so they start with a pre-existing meeting of the minds.

They are also flush with cash. They don’t have any problems asking for donations (we be poor help us!) but their six month budget was $10,976,700 or almost $2 million a month! (page 524.) Imagine what kind of influence can we exercise if we had that amount of cash flowing to buy ads in magazines, newspapers and TV spots.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

What they lack (among several other things) is a firm background on the legal and legislative issues that can help them. Of course those are fields that they don’t have any standing as it favors our side so they must go for the emotional argument, not the logical one. And nobody can stir those emotions better than Celebrities.

MAIG Celebrities Jennifer Garner 01
This is the list of celebrities MAIG was tapping with their ability and convictions to help:


But apparently, they were not the only ones and there are so many celebrities in the pool. The Brady Campaign was also tapping into the Entertainment Fountain and polite WTFs followed.

MIAG v  Brady 1


MIAG v  Brady 3

It is sadly funny to see them bickering like children fighting for the last candy bar of Halloween. The need to be the top Gun Control voice is strong… but soon enough the biggest voice of all came calling and they had to take a seat in the back of the bus:


It caught them by surprise. I am sure Bloomberg and staff were not happy to be mixed with other less-important majors and to be told they are not the toughest kid in the playground.


In a battle of Liberal Egos, they all lose.

More to come.


Surfing in Blood (part 1): Bloomberg’s Sandy Hook Quick Response Team.

Judicial Watch released the emails that they obtained via Freedom of Information Law among certain interesting parties.  This is what covers:

maig newtown 00

You may notice that the document request is for the starting date of December 14, 2012, the day of the Sandy Hook Massacre.  The emails (over 500 pages of them) are shocking to say the list and reveal a ruthlessness among the players trying to prepare to score mayor political points without caring much for the victims.

I want you to keep an eye on both the dates and times of the electronic correspondence. and to remember that the Sandy Hook Massacre started around 9:30 pm but it was not until early in the afternoon that the true scope of the killings was finally revealed.

I am not posting in true chronological order but in the order that they appeared in the download.

maig newtown 01

Sami Naim is (was) Assistant Counselor to Mayor Bloomberg.  Mark Glaze is the  Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. John Feinblatt is/was Chief Advisor to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg for Policy and Strategic Planning.  

The time should be around 12 hours after the full impact of the killings were known and Mayor Bloomberg’s Blood Surfing team was already planning on a full-blown media campaign using the survivors of the Massacre for a Public Service Announcement.

maig newtown 02

Some new characters are: Erika Soto Lamb, ‎Communications Director at Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  Brina Milikowsky, Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel in the NYC Office of the Mayor.  Janey Rountree was Chief Operating Officer Mayors Against Illegal Guns till May of 2013 and now is Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety at Chicago Mayor’s Office & Christopher Kocher, Director of Outreach and Special Counsel Office of the Mayor of New York City.

This is an email also in the same time frame of 12 hours after the shooting. The Blood Surfing team wants survivors to be towed behind Bloomberg as if it was some sort of sick Show-And-Tell while already planning and relishing  for the possibility of full bans on magazines and a full omnibus Gun Control bill.

maig newtown 03

And if we did not suspect it, we have confirmation that the “Media” is indeed working directly with MAIG and Bloomberg. Kenneth Lerer is co-founder, with Arianna Huffington, of huffingtonpost.com. and Chairman of Betaworks and BuzzFeed. During the same time frame he is advising the head of MAIG on his efforts. I am not sure who might be the “Colin” refered in the communication but it might be either  Colin Weaver Deputy Executive Director New Yorkers Against Gun Violence who was in Intergovermental Relations Dept (Criminal Justice Legislation) New York City Office of Management & Budget or our old friend Colin Goddard of Virginia Tech reputation now working with MAIG.

I am just scratching the outer skin of the surface. I have gone only on the first 30 of more than 500 pages. But so far there is no denying that Mayor Bloomberg was using NYC taxpayer-paid employees for his gun control schemes, that at least one media mogul was on call (more about the media in the next post) and that they had a full team ready to spring into action waiting for a tragedy to occur and they take advantage.

We may not be getting all the emails, but so far I have not see one in which any of the characters offered a moment of silence or prayer for the Victims of Sandy Hook in their communications.  If the post feels a bit disconnected, it is because I am still trying to digest the heartless nature of the participants.  I have a hard time trying to wrap my mind around this much callousness.

More to come.

Chris Christie or the gateway candidate for President Hillary.

I had chosen to remain quiet about Gov Christie because it was still too early for Presidential talk. But this morning I heard on the radio some commentator saying that with most Americans calling themselves independents, Christie was going to be their choice and the rest of us conservatives should shut up and suck it up.

There is no doubt that Christie is well liked….in his state.  We are talking New Jersey here and a NJ Republican is our Floridian equivalent of Debbie Wassermann Schulzt.

And it is not because he commuted Brian Aitken’s sentence instead of giving him a full pardon and we are just being ornery.  I have asked several Gun Rights advocates their opinion about him and the response has been both visceral and negative: They simply do not trust him and neither do I. It has that suave used-car salesman charm that makes me cringe and I need to make sure I am  not about to be wallet-molested.

If the Republican party is stupid enough (I know) to force Christie down the gullets of the rank and file, be ready to inaugurate Monica Lewinsky Ex-boyfriend’s wife as POTUS because a boatload of people will refuse to even get out of bed to vote for the Snake-Oil Salesman from Newark.