Get ready for the Hollerin’ : George Zimmerman not expected to face civil rights charges

The Justice Department is not expected to bring civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, according to three law enforcement officials, despite allegations that the killing was racially motivated.

via George Zimmerman not expected to face civil rights charges in Trayvon Martin death – The Washington Post.

Can I get a “Duh!” please? Back when the whole racial BS “hang him!” started and the Feds had the investigators do their thing, the DOJ issued a terse memo saying that they were on it but they did not take cases of manslaughter and similar because those were only viable in the particular states.

I expect that this will be eventually picked up by the Social Justice Warriors and some screaming be done. It shall be interesting to see them bitching against Holder though.

Or they will blame Bush.

Hat Tip Andrew Branca via Legal Insurrection.

“Gun control has become taboo issue.” By Joseph Cotto

Decent people should not have their rights infringed on account of a troublesome minority. Surely, most of those who want to purchase a gun through the legal process are concerned about protecting human life or catching a few pheasants, among other wildlife.

Indeed, the sons and daughters of the Second Amendment are urban businessmen who walk to their cars late at night, battered housewives who fear that their estranged husbands might murder them, deer hunters who are trying to feed their families, movie stars who fall victim to the terrors of a violent stalker, convenience store owners who are at risk of being held up, and many more.

While the gun grabbers would not like to admit it, these Americans are the rightful inheritors of the Second Amendment’s legacy.

via Gun control has become taboo issue.

Pretty decent article and I will have to disagree with the end of it, but worth reading.

Old Mail Order Gun Ad. Not quite a custom revolver.

6 shot repeater


From what I read it is a real gun and not a make-believe. Talk about you cheap Saturday Night Special.  I am guessing it is a .22 cal short and I would not trust my life to that thing.  Interesting to see that it could not be shipped to California, New Jersey and North Carolina, but it could to New York.

The ad is from an early 1960s magazine that it got accidentally thrown out before I jotted down the detail. I do remember it was “Gentleman’s Magazine” of some sort with pictures of women that nowadays would be seen in the Saturday coupon ads you can find in the newspaper.

The Gray Man -Payback- is out!



J.L. Curtis also known as Old NFO in the low recesses of the Gun Blogosphere 🙂 has brought us the second book of his The Gray Man series.

I enjoyed the hell out of the first one. It had been ages since I read a book that demanded a comfy chair, a relaxed atmosphere, a smoking cylinder and a beverage : Vignettes was it.

The Gray Man -Payback is available in Amazon in both Recycled Tree Format and Kindle.

Go get it…. if you haven’t read the first one, get both!

Snot coming out of my nose (Beverage Alert)

TV News about the White House Undocumented/Unauthorized Visitor who reached the Green Room:

A Spyderco pocket knife… “He’s from Texas, honey,” I yelled at the television, startling the cats, “That’s not ‘armed’, that’s ‘dressed’, you island-dwelling herbivore!”

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Tam wins the internets…..

Moms Demand: ZMOG! They are shooting kids in Nightclubs in Miami….wait, what?

Moms Demand nightclub shoot

Yes, several minors were shot at a local nightclub last Sunday in Miami. And not only Moms Demand but the editors at the Miami Herald have no problem blaming the usual suspect: The NRA.

But as usual, Moms Demand are very good at parsing the language.  They said “Early Sunday morning, 15 people were shot and injured at a nightclub in Miami, Florida.” and they are right…sort of… the shooting happened at 2 am.  Now, I know that there are clubs that have parties (non-alcohol) for the younger crowd, but a bunch of kids under 18 and as young as 11 in a Nightclub (that incidentally does not have the permit to be a nightclub but just a restaurant with a limited alcohol license) at two in the morning in Liberty City (gang territory) is just absurd.

According to witnesses, the exchange of fire happened between some people who arrived to the local and people from the inside so guns were already in place brought in by those attending the soiree. Who had what is not know yet.

The nightclub is shut down now. Besides the license, they found several code violations and the owner was arrested. The investigation is still ongoing and maybe we will hear more at a later date.

But even some of the followers of Mom Demand had trouble digesting the idea that kids were at a nightclub.

Sue Hudson Craker The question has to be asked why were 11 year olds in a nightclub???? Where is the outrage over that?
Patty Penner why were 11 y/o’s in a nightclub?
Two make sense…but Social Justice Warrior comes to the rescue:

Julie Marble Sue: don’t blame the victims. Instead of nightclub think dance party. These are common for teens held at no alcohol venues.
Kim Ashton Where were the the parents?
Tamara Bain Hill Just a question…11 years old + early Sunday morning + nightclub???!?
Ofelia Utset Has been covered in the Palm Beach Post. Terrible event, shouldn’t be happening. Another question is why were so many kids in a nightclub at 1 am? Some as young as 11!
The “What was an 11 y/o doing in a nightclub?” run about 30% of the comments. GThe rest are the same old blame the NRA and there is even a guy who wants to move to Guatemala because is safer there…Oy!
So now you know folks, the NRA hired a nightclub, stuffed it full of children, gave them guns, booze and let them unsupervised.

Is a rifle or carbine a good choice for home defense? Here’s how to make the choice!

I mentioned the .357 Magnum as being an exception to the power equation. This cartridge is very schizophrenic: out of a handgun it has one level of performance, but out of a long gun it changes significantly. The .357 gains a lot of velocity from a longer barrel, to the extent that it almost becomes a different cartridge; it is closer to the performance of traditional rifle rounds than the pistol calibers, but without the former’s recoil and muzzle blast. This makes it very easy to shoot well, and the lever-action carbines in which it is almost exclusively chambered have a simple manual of arms for those who are not firearms enthusiasts. If the carbine is a viable choice, the .357 Magnum is an excellent candidate.

via Is a rifle or carbine a good choice for home defense? Here’s how to make the choice! | Home security, Rifles.

I’ll eventually hit the lotto or find me a sugar mama and get my perfect gun travel kit: Take down lever-action and a revolver in .357 Magnum. Anyway, go on a read Grant Cunningham’s article, it is a damned good one.  And subscribe to his blog if you are have not done so.