AEK-971 series: Now that is fugly


A true thousand yard gun. Not that it reaches up to a thousand yards but that it looks good at that distance. Anything closer and…Yeeeech!

Get some Tums and click on the pic. It looks like certain alcoholic simians fired from their previous jobs,  were allowed to play with recycled plastic, stamped metal and chewing gum.

This is supposed to be one of the contenders to substitute the AK once and for all. I find it funny that they keep looking like AKs anyway.

Just give me a plain old AK.

My Grail Gun: H&H Howdah.

It has been a while for Gun Blog memes, but the latest one is Grail Guns.

Again it came down to handguns and it was a toss-up between the Colt Walker and The Holland & Holland Howdah. There is no rhyme or reason why I like the Howdah or even the Walker, it is just an instinctive connection to the past.

Only good news is that if the gods of lotto ever cast their smile upon me, I can buy replicas of both and pretend I have the real deal.

Cool Scary Sculpting

Frankenstein’s Monster Skull.

This is the kind of stuff that leads to divorce. Between the dent in the bank account and scaring the gray out your significant other, no matter what, you will be on the street soon enough.

And damn it, it would be worth it.

The sculptor is Thomas Kuebler and he has an amazing creativity and technique. If you are into the whole fantasy and horror thing, check his website.  You won’t be disappointed.

Miami Beach Police Chief ignores the laws of physics.

Miami Beach police officers will no longer treat a moving car as a deadly weapon — meaning officers won’t be allowed to shoot at one unless someone inside displays a weapon or opens fire first.

The deadly force policy change — expected to be unveiled by Police Chief Dan Oates next week — comes more than three years after the high-profile Memorial Day weekend shooting of motorist Raymond Herisse. He died in a bullet-riddled blue Hyundai targeted by 116 police rounds, which also wounded four innocent bystanders

via Miami Beach cops to overhaul vehicle shooting rules | The Miami Herald.

I have been trying to find polite words for the past 10 minutes and I find myself failing.  The stupidity of considering several thousand pounds of metal and plastic launched at you not being a deadly weapon is beyond comprehension…unless you factor in a heavy dose of Miami race politics.

Can I ask for Chief Oates to demonstrate the use of Less Lethal devices against a car coming at him? I’d pay good money to see him stop a truck with pepper spray.

Joe Biden: ‘What we need is another Jim Brady.” Huh?

Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Friday the nation needs another high-profile, respected spokesman for gun control who is able to convince fearful members of Congress to buck the National Rifle Association and other organizations and vote for firearms restrictions.

Speaking at a Washington memorial service for the late James Brady — former White House press secretary who was wounded in the March 1981 assassination attempt against President Reagan — Mr. Biden said the fight to stop gun violence must never end.

via Joe Biden: ‘What we need is another Jim Brady’ to push gun-control measures – Washington Times.

Besides the obvious idiocy of asking that somebody get shot to become a champion of gun control, there is one thing that jumps really high: Is Gabby Gifford not in the White House approved list of Gun Control Advocates?

Do you get the feeling that the Opposition is a wee bit disorganized ?

Making decisions on defending a third party

…we see what appears to be the black male instigating a fight with the white male. It’s hard to see who initiates actual physical conflict, but the body language of the black male is clearly aggressive. For purposes of our discussion, we’ll assume the black male was the initial physical aggressor in the fight, and the white male responded with defensive force in response.

For the first 30 seconds the fight appears largely balanced between the two, ending on the ground with the black male on his back and the white male astride him. This clearly puts the black male at a considerable tactical disadvantage, and is essentially the reverse of the Zimmerman case in which Trayvon Martin attacked and “mounted” Zimmerman “ground-and-pound MMA style,” as testified to by an eye witness.

via Law of Self Defense – GRAPHIC VIDEO: A Two-fer: Unarmed Deadly AND Excessive Force.

Please go check Andrew’s post and the videos.

Now, the question I want to approach is: You are a passerby and see this action happening. You see that it went from the tussle to the head-kicking, What do you do? My heart goes out to the guy but should we intervene? Andrew also provided an answer via Facebook:

Law of Self Defense Hey Fred: If I see a some geniuses giving each other a beat down on a public street I vacate the area as quickly as safety allows. If I happen to have my cell phone on me I might call 911, depending on the severity of what I saw and what the schedule for the rest of my day looks like. I’m not a super hero, and I’ve not been selected by the state, nor taken the oath, to be a law enforcement officer. My first priority is to my three children and my life, and nothing about getting involved in a street fight advances that imperative. But that’s just me–other folks prioritize other choices. In terms of strictly legal issues, in coming to the defense of another, I would urge you to determine whether you live in a “reasonable perception” state or an “alter ego” state–the difference may well determine whether you come out a hero or spend the rest of your life in jail. No joke. –Andrew

There you have it. Comments?