Being prepared equals peace of mind (Somewhat graphic content)

So last weekend I went to the local trash & recycling center dumping the cut remains of an old metal cabinet probably built sometime during the Eisenhower administration.  And when you are hot, tired, with a back ache and thinking about getting home, shower and having a cold soda instead of paying attention to your chores, shit happens as it did. The last piece of the cabinet was sheet metal that I pulled out of the back of the truck and somehow managed to encounter my left arm, left arm lost.

I felt the cut but it was not painful. More like “something went in that was not supposed to and deeper than usual…hmmm.” I looked at my arm and saw the cut…and inside the cut. “Well, that looks like the adipose layer which is not supposed to be exposed to sunlight.” was my thought. “Hey! No blood! Cool!”  and of course, blood started to come out, slowly but surely.

I carry two first aid kits on my truck: A small one in the center console and a decent size bag with more serious stuff in the rear seat. I pulled the small kit, opened and extracted a trauma dressing (Bandage with a thick pad attached to it and proceeded to treat the wound. I was more worried about not getting blood on my brand new white microfiber t-shirt than anything else (A gift from SWMBO and she frowns on me not being gentle with clothing) as I am giving the bandage the last wrap, I look up and see that almost  everybody at trash center is looking at me with this OMG/In Shock face (Saturdays are a busy day with all the yard work) but not one was reacting either. I shrugged, fired the truck up and went home.



I knew that stitches might be needed and kicked myself for not having bought a stapler even though it is in my list of Must get Shit for the bags. Then I remembered that I hadn’t a tetanus shot in over 14 years and I might be due for a booster (Note: tetanus & diphtheria boosters good for 10 years) so I whipped the cell and called the Boss and informed her about the result of me juggling with sharp metal. No, she was not happy.

Instead of going to the ER where I could easily wait 4 to 5 hours for a low priority case, we went to one of those small clinics that do urgent care. I was the only patient which i took as a good omen…till I realized why I was the only patient. Let me just say the “quality” of care was so crappy and nonchalant that I demanded to check the date on the booster before getting it.

Photo1157[1]So, lessons learned:

  1. It pays to have the proper first aid supplies and redundants. I did not have to worry about what to do or use a dirty bandana (the available choice) or some other sub par item.
  2. Carry a knife. The packaging of my compress was a good one and a labor of Hercules trying to open one-handed. A sharp folder that I keep in the center console was the solution.
  3. Keep your shots, specially tetanus, up to date. If I had mine, I would probably forego any medical treatment and tried to crazy-glue the wound.
  4. Rethink your kit, check for expired content (I had done so 2 months before) and don’t wait to order the supplies you need. Besides the stapler, I will get steri-strips. Having options is a wonderful thing.

And lastly, if your significant other is an impressionable person, don’t make jokes with your wound or go “Here honey, take a good look!” She may not appreciate it and you may end up with additional injuries…. and it is a good thing I have cold packs in all my kits, they came in handy.

All Home Improvement Projects Demand A Blood Sacrifice. 

You cannot find good help these days.

Open Carry Texas Home Depot
Ope Carry demonstration in North Richland Hills, Texas

And if Sonic,  Chili’s & Chiplote were not enough, Texas Open Carriers are now about to add Home Depot to the list:

Initially Home Depot had stated that:

“Our feeling is that ultimately, the voters direct the laws on gun carry issues, so we defer to the prevailing ordinances in states and communities,” said Stephen Holmes. “Therefore, customers who are legally permitted to carry firearms are allowed to do so when entering our stores, provided the firearms are carried in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.”

It seems that this statement was taken by OCers as permission from the home office to have a “Pro-Gun” rally at Home depot’s property without consulting with the manager which was a very dumb thing to do as Home Depot has a very strict policy prohibiting any kind of political activism in their properties:


Home Depot does NOT allow solicitation or distribution of political literature on Home Depot property by any associate or organization unless required by law.

Who can I contact for guidance if challenged when enforcing the solicitation policy?

The “no solicitation” policy applies to all outside organizations including political groups and individuals. If you are ever challenged when enforcing Home Depot’s solicitation policy, you should immediately contact the Legal Department or the Vice President of Government Relations for guidance.

Can my store permit a candidate to park his campaign van in Home Depot parking lot?

No. This violates Home Depot’s solicitation policy and could be an unlawful corporate political contribution. If there is any question raised concerning free speech or public access rights, you should call the Vice President of Government Relations or the Legal Department for guidance.

The League of Women Voters or another local civic group requests space in a Home Depot store for voter registration. Does this violate our “solicitation” policy?

Yes, it is a violation of our “solicitation” policy. No organization may distribute political literature on Home Depot property unless access is required by law.

Via Forbes, we find out that after that little stunt, Home Depot is not pleased:

Holmes called Forbes to say Home Depot is currently determining whether this rally goes against the company’s non-solicitation policy. “We don’t allow any group or any individual to disrupt a store’s business,” he said.

The bets are open to see which company is gonna be the one  OCers in Texas will piss off enough to ban guns all over the country.  At this rate, we can safely assume that a bill prohibiting the open carry of long guns and black powder firearms will be introduced at the next legislative session in Texas.

The Elliot Rodger Aftermath: CYA Drive Engaged.

Before a half-dozen sheriff’s deputies knocked on Elliot Rodger’s door last month in response to concerns raised by his mother about his well-being, they could have checked the database and discovered he had bought three 9mm semiautomatic handguns. Several law enforcement officials and legal experts on gun policy said this might have given deputies greater insight into Rodger’s intentions and his capability for doing harm….

….The sheriff’s department did not respond to requests for additional comments regarding the decision to forgo checking the DROS database before going to Rodger’s apartment in Isla Vista. In a statement Thursday, the department said, based on the information it had at the time, Rodger did not seem to be an immediate threat to himself or others, so no weapons check was done.

via Police didn’t search database showing Calif. shooter had bought guns – The Washington Post.

You don’t send six Deputies to somebody’s place if you think they are not a threat, so I call BS.

Of course this means the next guy who needs a check will have one done with a full SWAT team and a couple of Predator drones circling overhead.

OCT: Bringing More Companies into the Gun Control Side than Mass Killers.

Chili’s and Sonic said in separate statements that they were asking customers not to openly carry firearms in their eateries, following a similar move by Chipotle earlier this month.

“We recognize that the open carry of firearms creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and is not permitted under many local liquor laws,” a Chili’s spokeswoman said in an email. “So, we kindly ask that guests refrain from openly carrying firearms into our restaurants and we will continue to follow state and local laws on this issue.”

A Sonic spokeswoman said the company will defer to local laws with respect to storing guns in vehicles, but said it will no longer permit firearms in its dining areas.

“We’re asking that customers refrain from bringing guns onto our patios or into our indoor dining areas,” a spokeswoman said in a statement to HuffPost.

via Sonic Drive-In And Chili’s Announce No-Gun Policies.

What Seung-Hui Cho, Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, James Eagan Holmes, Aaron Alexis and other Mass Shooters could not do, C.J. Grisham and his band of merry jerks managed to accomplish in spectacular fashion: Making the carry of firearms unpalatable to more and more business.

thank you OCT

So the SWAT Team was bored…..

DANA POINT (CBSLA.com) — Dana Hills High School students were released from a four-hour lockdown Thursday after an empty rifle or shotgun carrying case was reportedly found in a campus parking lot…

Dozens of officers and the Orange County sheriff’s SWAT team with its armored vehicle rolled onto campus and began an all-out search of classrooms, lockers, cars and the school grounds for a weapon. Authorities say there were no threats received

via Dana Hills High Students Allowed To Go Home After 4-Hour Class-By-Class Weapons Search « CBS Los Angeles.

At least they did not find an “empty” jockstrap or they would have strip searched and arrested every single male in the school and taken them downtown for “ballistic” testing.

California, where they build a moat around the barn after the horses have escaped.