An Idiot showed up.

Today at work shortly before the end of the shift, I was enjoying the latest SWAT Magazine issue and in particular an article by Rob Sloyer about setting up rifle matches when a coworker walked by and asked me what was I reading. I did not reply but just showed him the cover of the magazine… and it happen.

Idiot: (chuckle, chuckle) “Are you one of those Gun Lovers?” (chuckle)

Me: “I do not love inanimate objects, only living things. How about you? Do you love a particular piece of equipment?”

Idiot: “Uhh…. (blank stare)

Me: “Dude, go away.”

Hoplophobes and Gun Haters (yes, they are haters of inanimate objects) seem to still be stuck with the notion that Gun People are inbred rednecks, schtumping their sisters, chugging beer and watching wrestling. And I know that Idiot saw me that way even though I am a Hispanic, only child that does not drink alcohol and falls asleep at the mention of Wrestlemania.

And we supposedly are the prejudiced ones.

Bits and Thoughts. 5/13/09

The Mexican Drug War Weapons lie still goes strong in the media. In today’s Washington Post’s editorial we see it once more:

Mexican President Felipe Calderón and President Obama said during a news conference in Mexico City last month that roughly 90 percent of the weapons seized in operations against organized crime in Mexico came from the United States.

But MSNBC’s “hard hitting” article on the same subject accidentally provides the truth.David Berryhil at the 10-8 forums posted the math behind the media bullshit:

Doing the math gives a much lower number of firearms traced to the U.S. than the media would like you to believe:

“In all, the military has 305,424 confiscated weapons locked in vaults….”

“The Mexican government has handed over information to U.S. authorities to trace 12,073 weapons seized in 2008 crimes…”

“About a third of the guns submitted for tracing in 2007 were sold by licensed U.S. dealers….”

One third of 12,000 = 4,000 firearms traced to U.S. firearms dealers in 2007. That number is quite a bit smaller than what the media has reported. They report the large number of illegal weapons in Mexico and imply (or lie) that all of them come from the U.S.

Or in much simple numbers, only 1.3% of firearms confiscated by the Mexican Army from Drug Dealers can be tied to licensed firearms dealers. Sorry but fucking up the data by 300,000 firearms is not a mistake, it is a boldfaced lie in anybody’s book. Then again, “journalists” do not care as long as their legs tingle anticipating acknowledgement in the form of a waving of the pinkie from the White House Supreme Being.

Enough with the ammo hoarding people! Yes I understand that the Obama administration wants our rights deceased and that many state legislatures have put forward microstamping, ammo registration and other assorted loads of legal crap, but enough is enough. This madness is starting to affect shooting sports and and we are begining to lose new shooters because they can’t find ammo for the new gun they just bought. We are poisoning our own well and killing the joy of shooting. Even reloading supplies have disappeared from stores.

The last batch of 1,000 rounds of Wolf 7.62×39 I bought cost me $120.00. This is just absurd!

And this is just insane! Not two months ago or so you could buy 4,000 primers for that price including shipping and Hazmat fees. Now people are being auto-shafted  because they are buying in full panic mode. It has to stop. And no, there is no conspiracy by the manufacturers, just our own idiocy.

Be very afraid. At the end of this month and coinciding with my hotel firing everybody including yours truly, I’ll be taking the NRA Instructor’s class.  Hopefully I’ll be an instructor in Basic Pistol, Home Firearms Safety Instructor and Personal Protection in the Home. Amazingly, I already have 4 people interested in classes so there is certainly a demand. I gotta figure how to set up the whole thing and get to it. We need more shooters!

Historic Art: Updated.

One day while browsing one of my favorite gun forums, I noticed that a member had an unusual avatar which depicted a Minute Man with modern weaponry. I sent the member a private message regarding the avatar and where could I see the whole picture. I was glad to know that I bumped into the author, Will Ceron of Ceron Designs who was gracious enough to give me a link to a picture that showed the complete scene of Concord Bridge and the Shot Heard ‘Round The World by Dominick D’Andrea and modified geniously by Will Ceron.

Sometimes a picture does paint a better image than thousands of words.

What can one armed man do?

I have no idea why, but and old memory found me this morning. Back in the early 90’s when I was living in certain South American country now under the firm grasp of a Socialist, massive riots and looting occurred. It was long four days of absolute collapse of the government basic services and control which I lived awake in coffee, cigarettes with a single shot shotgun and a Walther PPK on my waist. Thankfully our property was not affected by rioters since I already had a reputation for being somewhat crazy in Sheepland I was seen in more than one occasion experimenting with home made napalm) and an assiduous patrol kept miscreants pretty much away.

On the second day I was witness to a mob attacking a two story bodega about a two blocks away from my house. As typical of many bodegas in the country, it was owned and operated by one owner and his family and they had their living quarters on the upper floor.  It had no side or rear doors, just the front store gated entrance and side stairs connecting the second floor to the ground level.  I have no idea why the bodega was attacked but looters usually do not need one. When I noticed the attack it was already in progress and I fielded a pair of binoculars from the roof of my house to get a clearer picture. I was upset I what I saw since the looters were people that lived in the area, people that bought from that store and even got credit to purchase items from the owner when they did not have ways to pay for them, yet they thought it was OK to destroy his means of living.

The looters breached the store’s gates and proceeded inside. Seconds later they came out holding on the liquor and cigarettes while whooping their victory. After the booze and smokes were depleted, looters came back pretty much for the rest but this time I heard a firearm discharged sending everybody out running while dropping whatever items they had in their hand. The Bodega owner appeared with a big frame revolver in one hand, surveyed the damage and alongside his family recovered what little they could and proceeded for the next hour or so to secure the store entrance with whatever means they had available. Once they finished, they went inside and I returned to my patrol.

I’d say that about an hour later I checked the bodega again and I saw a large crowd in front. Their demeanor appeared angry and they were looking up at a window on the second story facing the front of the store. Through the barred window I saw a hand come out making go-away gestures but the crowd did not heed. Some in the mob once more attacked the store entrance, but I am guessing the reinforcement was much sturdier because they could not breach it this time. I kept watching the impasse silently congratulating the store owner for his stand when I saw something that chilled me: some idiot looter appeared suddenly with a Molotov cocktail and launched it towards the second story window. Thankfully it missed and hit the wall creating a fireball of little damage against a cement block structure.

It dawned on me that this was now not a bunch of idiots trying to score some freebies from the neighborhood merchant but a full fledged lynching mob intent on murder and nothing could be done to stop them. Police was nowhere to be seen and those not in the mob were like me trying to protect their households or cowering inside them praying to be spared from the wolves roaming the streets. I saw another looter with yet another Molotov cocktail but this time carefully preparing himself for a perfect pitch. He never did. The hand came through the barred second story window but this time holding the revolver and shooting it. One looter down and a Molotov cocktail rolled off his hand harmlessly.

Another looter, incensed by the shooting of his colleague picked up the firebomb and tried to toss it. The revolver went off again and another looter fell to the ground. This one I could see was dead on the spot. My binoculars allowed me to see the head exploding with perfect detail and the body just switching off to a mass of uncoordinated muscles and bones.  I lost track of the Molotov cocktail but I guess it did not go off again because I did not see a fireball, but a couple more appeared in the hands of other looters. More detonations came out the second story window sending two more looters scurrying and at least one of them leaving blood behind him.

This sequence kept repeating itself for another couple of hours. Mob attacking the gate, failing, mob trying to firebomb the upstairs apartment and getting shot for their efforts. I counted at least four dead on the ground and some 8 wounded taken away when the mob finally decided that it was getting to steep a price to pay for their obstinacy and withdrew to seek easier targets. Some 45 minutes later, the store owner and his family came out, loaded their old pick up truck (amazingly left untouched by the mob) with whatever belongings they could pack and abandoned the store. That night the looters came back and set the whole place on fire destroying the only grocery shop in a mile radius forcing the neighborhood to go farther away for their supplies from now on.

I heard later that the Store owner and his family moved to another city. The store was sold for a pittance but the new owner transformed it into a bike repair shop that went bankrupt soon afterward. Last I heard was that the building was abandoned and became a den of druggies and cheap hookers. Nobody was prosecuted for the attacks to the store and thankfully neither was the store owner for defending himself and his family.

So what can one armed man do? When the Shit Hit The Fan, a store owner saved himself and his family against a crowd and bought himself enough time to escape to safety. This was the leasson I learned that day and I hope you may save this little story in your brain’s memory bank for whenever somebody tries to convince you guns are not the solution.

Good-Bye Newspapers and Good Riddance.

It is not news that lots of Americans are fed up with the newspapers. The bias we are endured to read everyday in the printed press is so blatant that readers are tired of writing letters to the editors complaining about it but they never get published unless you sound like a loony and they can use your words to make their point.  If anything this election has brought out the worst in biased journalism and it was so blatant that only the most fanatical of the Obamo-Chavistas seem not to have noticed, but the regular folk has and it is making it clear by not buying newspapers.

The dear old Miami Herald seems to be doing worse than the rest with a circulation drop of 11.8% in the last six months according to and article in Editor & Publisher. The Herald seems to be caught in the maelstrom of not understanding that half its readers despise almost all their columnists because they wage a constant insult attack and moral superiority thinly covered under the pretense of Journalism. May it be Leonard Pitts verbal contortion to blame every pitfall befallen on the Black race on Whitey without sounding like Louis Farrakahn to Ana Valencia’s discourse sound more like Granma or old time Pravda editorials against the US way of life than “thoughtful and caring” pieces. The Miami Herald does carry Cal Thomas’ columns as an obvious token conservative and the occasional assorted piece by a middle-of-the-road commentator, but these only accentuate more the ultra liberal slant of the rag.

Tim Oren over at Winds of Change gives us a detailed observation on how newspapers make their money and you must read it. It reveals to you how deeply stupid newspapers are ran in the business sense and, even better, how to give them a coup de grace which is not only tempting but the humane thing to do so think of it as euthanasia for the printing media.  As for myself I am of two minds: in one hand I am very tempted to call them and cancel my subscription with the added bonus of giving them a detailed reason why. In the other hand I would love to be the last subscriber and being able to send the last letter to the editors simply stating: We told you so.

Scared shitless and so you should be.

I will take a momentary detour of the regular themes that occupy this blog so I can share with all my three readers the following information:

I recently took the Community Emergency Response Team training in which we had a 4 hour class on terrorism. The instructor, besides teaching the established points as written in the material gave us a small chat on islamofacist terrorist organizations within the USA. As time was short, he recommended a couple of books to further our knowledge of the situation. Yesterday Amazon came through and the books arrived and promptly started on one and, ladies and gents our noses are barely above the pool of fecal matter and we do not know it.

Holy War in the Home Front, The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States is 170+ pages of the loudest alarm I ever heard.  It describes how we are literally invaded by extreme Muslim terrorists and almost nothing has been done to protect us from them. And if that does not ticks you off to brain artery popping anger, wait till you hear the reason: Political Correctness.

The author, Harvey Kushner is not getting most of his information from deep undercover sources (he has them but keeps them anonymous) but from published government reports, legal documents and the terrorists own words. In case you still don’t get it, it means that the information has been out there for anybody in the media to see and do further investigation but remained untouched because it was politically incorrect to follow up. The same applies to our government and Law Enforcement agencies who we lay our trust in protecting our country. I have seen conspiracy cases against Organized Crime built and successfully prosecuted with less than 10% of the evidence presented in this book, yet the Washington mindset is so deeply corrupted with the fear of being labeled racist that the cases remain untouched, barely investigated or poorly prosecuted. The same applies to journalist who either because of fear or political convictions purposeful refuse to “connect the dots” and bring us the information we need to know ( Sarah Palin’s wardrobe seems more important than terrorists freely operating in our soil.)

I will not bother to go on. Get the book, now. No excuses. It is being sold for one miserable cent at Amazon which should be further proof on how ignorant we are on the issue. Stop being ignorant, information is key, get it.

The Lone Sheepodog.

The Lone Sheepdog.
Originally posted July 31st, 2008
In some Gun Forums, the now famous On Sheeps Wolves and Sheepdogs article seems to create furor among the ranks. Some identify with it, some take umbrage at calling those less than aware Sheep, some who serve or served in the Military or Law Enforcement communities seem to believe that it does not apply to those who are not in their groups and some think it is a Ramboesque thing that wannabes spout. I never served, I am not LEO. I am a Citizen. I know “I don’t get it” because I wasn’t there but I get things others don’t. I am a Lone Sheepdog. Like many modern Sheepdogs, I started as Sheep, a believer in the goodness of Mankind and with the hopes of a better World. However life taught me differently and, in my case, my eyes were finally and totally opened by the death in my arms of a dear friend who was killed by roaming Wolves. I swore then I would do my best to avoid that same situation or die fighting so I began the process of learning to become a Sheepdog and I still do every day.

And you know what? A Citizen Sheepdog is a lonely endeavor. We must provide for our guns, our ammo and our training. We must walk alone the streets without back up a radio call away or the support a squad of friendly sheepdogs with more guns and even air support which the Wolves shy away from while they look and seek me since I am alone or with my family. Wolves are not afraid of Civilians since most are sheep ready for the picking but turn around and hide if they see a black and white or a Humvee. But since I look like the other Sheep, I can be targeted at any time with any degree of violence and I must respond to save my life or the lives of my loved ones.

And it something happens and I am succesful in defending myself, a new wave of attack begins. I will be interviewed by Police and Prosecutors and if I am unlucky I will be seen as aWolf. The Press will try to crucify me as a wild predator, thirsty for blood. Friends and Family might see me as Cain, the slayer of the Brother now holding the Mark of the Beast in my forehead. I will have to reach into my savings for a lawyer if a politically hungry prosecutor decides to make me his campaign issue: No FOP or Union Lawyer for me, no Laws Of Warfare apply to me, I will get the brunt of the Sheep Law as I was some scum of the Earth.

And yes, I call them Sheep because they are Sheep. I was one, see? Lots of them had the same warnings I did, sit with me in the same lunch rooms watching news reports on TV about the horrible things Wolves are doing to the flock and they just moan and complain about needing more Sheepdogs to defend them. The thought of becoming Sheepdogs themselves is bothersome at best or frightening at worst. They refuse to take the responsibility because it is too cumbersome and too dangerous and prefer to ignore the world out there and its dangers till it is too late and then complain and seek justice as long as someone else does the dirty work.

And please, do not construe this as a criticism of Soldiers and Cops: God knows their jobs are hard enough and they could not pay me enough to do them. But then again I ask you to understand that we are faced every day with the evil you fight since it seeks us. We are not Rambos or Jack Bauers or Chuck Norrises, we are Joe and Tom and Rick and Mary and Sylvia, every guy and gal who lives next door, has a lawn, flowers and a pot belly and roots in their hair and loves his or her family but must stand alone when the Wolves come howling in the middle of the night.

It is scary but we swallow hard and face the Wolves. I do hope you understand.