I guess even I must fall to the obligatory pet post one in a while.
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Meet dear Missy. She is a rescued cat, 12 years old and she might be a mix of Maine Coon and something else.

It took her nine years to learn how to meow. I am not kidding, she would only go “Me” and that was it. We learned to figure out what she wanted by learning her  different intonations and it has been only lately that she has learned to go the full “meow”… and we are so very sorry for it. I didn’t know a cat could modulate the damned call in so many ways.

She is my wife’s cat, she likes me and she has trained my sainted mother into butler-hood. Mom is a total sucker for pets and pampers them to death and Missy knows how to abuse the privilege. She will actually goo up to her room and stop her from watching her Spanish versions of the Maury Show and Judge Judy whenever she is hungry. And we are not talking your regular old cat food, but either smoked ham or albacore for the princess. I have to step in and redirect them to the cheap stuff.

And she is a fiend for cheese. She will haunt you if you are having Cheddar or Cream Cheese. You can yell ate her, push her, chastise her and she simply will stare at you and not move away until she has her portion. And if you are not having cheese with your meal? You need to let her check it out to make sure you are not pulling a fast one and then she will leave you alone.

I should not complain much, as cats we had, she is pretty good. We had a tomcat that ate french fries with ketchup and snacked on peanuts. And we had one Siamese that would chase the family dogs out of what she considered her play area (the dogs were two Dobermans and a Belgian Malinois, so there) and we even had another Siamese who was totally bonkers in love with one of our dobbies which scared the poor animal to no end.

We like to complaint about or pets, but they do make life livable…even if they are after all your cheese.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “Cats are ***holes but I love mine.”
      1. that they are. and dobes are big ol’ weenies. 😀 (have never had another breed…may never get another. SUCH great dogs, even with the DCM curse.)

  1. Contrary to old wives’ tales, cats are wonderful. One makes a Chinese meal for two, along with providing the material for half a pair of either slippers or mittens. My species did not claw its way to the top of the food chain by the use of tools and superior intelligence to become staff to some ridiculous beast that even my dog does not like. (My dog is a better judge of character than I will ever be.)

    stay safe.

  2. We had a Maine Coon. He was so big he wasn’t afraid of anything, or any one. And laid back? I watched a troop of squirrels hop over him en route from Point A to Point B once in the back yard; he just laid there and ignored them – they weren’t worth his trouble. But, he’d climb a tree in a heartbeat, wait for a bird to fly by, and leap – dinner on the wing.

    And then we had a Japanese Bobtail. He thought he was a dog.

  3. We’ve had two Maine Coons, one full Siamese, and currently have a Siamese mix among others. Cats are like kids; expect the unexpected.
    Our first Coon would ask for milk by name; “Miiiiiillk!” Wish we’d got that on video.
    Our first Tabby was sleeping in the hall when our German Shepherd came galloping down the hall to play. Tabby opened one eye, opened both eyes to verify, raised one paw and FFFFT out came the claws. 100 lb dog screeched to a halt, whipped around and took off. Cat retracted claws, went back to sleep.

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