This is a follow-up to my post Attempted murder by cop whitewashed by press.

The Cherokee County Sheriff released a new statement to address the video that has gone viral of cops firing squading a guy in a doorway after just waking him up.

It’s some fucking bullshit.


“I didn’t know what happened because all my subordinate officers lied to me with a bullshit story and I believed them.  The original statement which pissed off everyone who saw the video was written by the County Attorney and is also not my fault.  Besides,  the shooting wasn’t really my fault either, it’s the fault of the local police.  Give me money for my own SWAT Team so we don’t have to use the city’s SWAT Team next time.”

Fuck this guy.

What a stunning lack of leadership a bullshit statement like that reveals.

Near murderous fuck-ups should not be rewarded with budget increases.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Cherokee County Sheriff bumblefucks handling the viral video”
  1. Rewarding fukups is the liberal way.. they need to keep the walls up around them….
    “Shoot shovel and SHUT UP” and “dont open the door, never..”. I dont think America will ever recover from the damage 8 years of obammy and 4 years of pedojoe did to us. Police everywhere have a monumental job to gain We the Peoples trust again.. one minute police are heroes the next they are gunning down an honest citizen with zero preamble..

      1. Understand your position. But would you call them evil demons if they admitted they F-ed Up, and took the thumping they so richly deserved?

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