They are in serious need of medical care because of this:

CSGV NSSF Childsafe

And I was about to do my usual collage of Laddites being all outraged and whatnots when this exchange happened. One for the books, I tell ya.

CSGV NSSF Childsafe 1a

It shows how little CSGV actually knows about Project Childsafe. If they would stroll for five minutes, they would have found out that it is the NSSF the one providing the materials to police departments and other institutions. As it stated in Forbes:

Bill Brassard, NSSF’s director of communications, said, “Under the George Bush administration, Project ChildSafe received tens of millions of dollars in support for Project ChildSafe’s firearm safety efforts, allowing the NSSF program to distribute more than 37 million firearm safety kits that include a gun lock in communities through partnerships with 15,000 law-enforcement departments.

And the part about “best allocation of our time”? Lovely admission that they do not have either the manpower or the budget to even have a paid intern to work social media. All the Facebook supporters do not send a whole lot of cash their way and they only get to say stupid and unverified stuff to make their mark…and free online petitions.

Maybe they should contact the DOJ and ask them for a grant, if it is legal.

Hat Tip to Justin for the Forbes link

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “Code Blue at CSGV HQ: They are having a collective stroke.”
  1. You just don’t get it! CSGV is for gun safety! As in, the world would be safe without guns! Why do you hate children? It’s because of people like you that we can’t have rainbow-farting unicorns!

    /CSGV Derp

  2. Ah, CSGV and Demanding Moms. I routinely remind myself that genius is transient, it comes and goes, yet stupid is eternal and thus exempt from the Darwinistic Process.

    …Now that I think about it, does that make Stupid a virus? Not necessarily subject to the Darwinistic Process, but a harbinger of it?

    Hrmm, must consider this.

  3. Funny thing about this? I spent maybe more time trying to send Miguel the link to Forbes (because mobile browsers suck) than I did to pull the Forbes article from the topmost layer of Google.

    This is amusement at its best and well worth casually being on my phone during my mandatory 15 minute break.

  4. Last time the CSGV attacked the NSSF, I got banned for pointing out NSSF has handed out well over 60 million trigger locks, and ask how many CSFV handed out.

    1. LOL Two stories in one!

      I tried to look on their facebook at the post, and the screen capture you have above has already been deleted. Maybe banned? Yea…. there’s a lot of ‘extremism” in her statements… at least according to ‘gun-sense’ logic.

  5. They are having a stroke?

    It’s not a Code Blue, it’s a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate).
    Let them go into the good night towards the bright light (or is it downwards to where it is hotter than…)

  6. Wait, do we really get to do this? Do we get to actually cite an incident where the CSGV tried to block funding to a program that hands out gun locks to protect children from access to firearms? Of course we do.

    I mean seriously, do they *want* another shooting to happen? Oh wait 😉

  7. Odds are that the locks that are being bought for the giveaway are made in China.

    Years ago, during the first be lock giveaway, I went to the police department of a nearby city to get one. They said, well, you don’t live here, we can’t give you one. Someone else said, we have plenty, how many do you want. I said a few. They dug around and pulled out a box in which were several dozen boxes of locks. All made in China. Nobody cared. Almost zero residents wanted them. I was looking at a box of borrowed/printed federal money that had been used to hire Chinese workers while my fellow citizens lacked jobs.

    The median household income in the US is slightly above $50k/year. Every million dollars of federal spending is the entire annual income of about 20 US households. Remember that when the government is funding anything, even a program to give away Chinese gun locks.

  8. Love how distributing gun locks isn’t the best use of thier time, but blocking the distribution of gun locks… that is time well spent.

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