Michael Z. Williamson was kind enough to alert/invite.

ConFinement | ConFinement (confinementcon.org)

Winter Dates: February 25-27, 2022
– Information can be found here: Winter 2022.
Confinement came about for two reasons.
First, despite many conventions cancelling, there were a bunch of sci fi authors who needed to talk to our publisher and editors, and there’s no convenient way to Skype or Zoom that many people, so it was going to be in person.  And since we were all going to be together, we might as well invite the fans and make it a convention.
Second, there actually are a significant number of people who shouldn’t wear masks (even though some of them force themselves to do so), and we wanted a get together where those with limitations wouldn’t be harassed by ableist twits.
Thus, ConFinement led to the Emergency Holographic Convention, to ConFinement II, and now ConFinement 2.5, and maybe beyond.
This is a small SF convention for authors and fans.  We haven’t had any major GoHs yet, though we have significant regular attendees at this point.  We’re game, but for various reasons, quite a few pros are not able to travel or attend as of 2021, and that’s without considering Cooties.

This is gonna be fun. And it will be the first Con I have ever attended.  I

I particularly love this part.

Legal carry of weapons is permitted within the local laws and as long as you’re not intoxicated or stupid.

And a reminder that MHI fans do not cosplay but kit up.  😀

Here is the rest:

I will keep you posted.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “ConFinement coming to Middle Tennessee.”
  1. Sounds like fun! Alas, it’s highly unlikely that I’d be able to go, for sundry family reasons.
    Years ago, I used to go to SF cons back in the Bay Area; the fun started diminishing around the turn of the century, with the increasing invasion of mundane politics (plus fragmentation, with BayCon losing attendees to various costuming / gaming / other specialty conventions held the same weekend).
    Mini-cons can be fun in ways big cons can’t, so… I’ll be watching for a report!

  2. There is a rumor of a couple of people intending to make a cannonball run from an area that looks a lot like Vegas

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