The most compelling reason for shall issue, or even better, Constitutional carry, is because fuck corrupt cops.

Anyone who has been in or around occupational licensing knows just how fucking corrupt that system is.

I watched health inspectors demand bribes in restaurants.

The New York Liquor Authority is the most corrupt agency in America at the state level.

It is impossible to get a liquor license without bribes, and since restaurants live or due on liquor licenses, the agents know they can demand high dollar values for them.

Miguel has documented the corruption at the NYPD for issuing gun permits.

California is no different.

Star witness affirms pay-to-play for gun permits at Santa Clara County sheriff corruption trial

A star criminal witness, whose confessions to bribing his way into getting concealed-gun permits laid the groundwork for criminal indictments that scandalized the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, took the stand Monday in the civil corruption trial for Sheriff Laurie Smith.

Martin Nielsen testified publicly for the first time about how he and the former head of the defunct executive security firm AS Solution — whose high-profile clients included the likes of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg — agreed to financially support Smith’s 2018 re-election bid to procure so-called concealed-carry weapons permits for their security agents. Those agents were assigned to protect executives for the company then known as Facebook.

As he told a criminal grand jury in 2020 and a separate civil grand jury last year — in secret testimony later disclosed in public transcripts — Nielsen detailed how in the wake of an infamous 2018 shooting at the YouTube campus in San Bruno, he was tasked with finding a way to get their high-level security agents the ability to carry concealed handguns.

Nielsen, testifying under a grant of immunity from criminal prosecution, said that he and then-AS Solution CEO Christian West eventually arranged to donate a large sum to an independent expenditure committee backing Smith’s re-election. Nielsen added that Capt. James Jensen brokered the issuing of four CCW permits for Nielsen and three security employees.

Initially, the discussion involved acquiring more than a dozen permits, but Nielsen was clear in affirming that a hefty political donation would make it happen.

That hefty donation was $90,000.

That’s $7,500 per permit.

Ordinary citizens can’t get them and the bodyguards for the wealthy elite have to pay a king’s random for them.

Corruption and bribery is what happens when you put may issue in the hands of government authority.

I would love to see nothing more than SCOTUS make the whole country Constitutional Carry just to fuck over corrupt cops.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “Constitutional carry to fight corruption”
  1. Nationwide carry would be great…. One problem I see in areas with high liberal populations is d.a. prosecuters bringing charges against honest citizens who defend themselves….we have seen it before

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