And the reason, as I told a Liberal friend is because they let the narrative be controlled by people like this:


According to every Abortion activist, every single abortion performed in the US was to save the mother from some evil sickness, (physical or mental) or a consequence of rape or some other horseshit. Not one of those activists will step forward and actually say what everybody knows: “OK, yes, a lot of those abortions come from stupid and irresponsible women that could not keep their legs closed nor could comprehend the mechanics of how to swallow a fucking birth control pill or seek other means of contraception available at the local Walmart.”

And that is how states have managed to pass abortion laws that 20 years ago would have been unthinkable to even come to a vote in any legislature of the Nation. It did not help either that the same people now screaming “My Body, My Choice!” has spent the last two years trying to force people to be vaccinated, wear masks and stay incarcerated at home or face grave consequences.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Contrary to Media Narrative, Abortion Rights is losing.”
  1. Seems I remember some years ago a raving lunatic had said “Americas chickens are coming home to roost” ….. maybe he was meaning liberals chickens? 74% of America is letting 26% dictate…. How about we start ignoring them..

    1. No, how about we start teaching them about the errors of their ways/actions/beliefs/life choices/durations?

  2. “How did me getting an abortion impact you?”
    Er. How did the death of, e.g., George Floyd impact you? Or, for that matter, any crime against anyone but yourself?
    This sounds like a call for capital-A Anarchy, but methinks it’s a safe bet the person putting forth that talking point is no true anarchist.

    1. and if they went to PP, we DID pay for it out of the hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars they get.

      1. But… but… PP gets non-fungible taxpayer dollars that can’t be used to fund abortions! We’ve been assured of this, many times over the decades! It’s, like, encoded into the serial numbers or something, so if anyone tries to spend tax dollars on abortions the payment won’t go through! (I feel the need to elaborate further on this, but don’t seem to have any magic mushrooms on hand.)

  3. One has to remember that with the left hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance is their state of mind. They don’t see any problem with having the opinion that people should be vaccinated by force and at the same time having the opinion people should be able to get an abortion on demand.

    I’ve said this before: the left literally does not view human life as having any intrinsic value at all, only extrinsic value for what that life can provide the left at large. Since the unborn do not provide any value the unborn have no value.

    To the left having the opinion that the unborn should not be murdered is actually the wrong opinion. Remember that.

  4. As I remarked elsewhere, the left has misread the room so badly on this, you could be forgiven for thinking it was counter-agitprop from pro-life activists. Poe’s Law is at the bar getting drunk because even he couldn’t top this stuff.

  5. I do not support abortion! I view it as murder, pure and simple. The cause of pregnancy is well known and documented… there hasn’t been an instance of miraculous or immaculate conception in over 2,000 years. Therefore, a flesh and blood someone is responsible for that conception… it didn’t just happen… someone took part in a physical act that caused it. The necessary depravity of one’s mind for them to claim that as the impregnated individual it is their choice as to when life begins is pure unadulterated bullshit. To destroy the fetus/child simply to make themselves feel better is the result of pandering to a spoiled little bitches in the extreme. These individuals want to be relieved of all accountability for their choices… and yes, having sex without the use of contraception is a choice. It is a choice that they use abortion to escape the consequences of after the fact. Bad choices lead to more bad choices when there is no accountability, yet there are women who brag about the multiple bad choices they’ve made in an effort to appear superior… if only to themselves. Two words… MENTAL DEFECT. Two more words… MORAL DEGRADATION. And we wonder why some individuals think it’s alright to wantonly murder others… NO RESPECT FOR THE SANCTITY OF LIFE.

    1. “And we wonder why some animals think it’s alright to wantonly murder others…” FIFY
      If ,IF this was still a moral nation, we would be cleaning the gene pool out with executions, frequently and publicly.

  6. Abortion is just a Action to Immaturity and Lack of Responsiblity.
    Hence, ya really have No Business doin Any Form of the sheet music dance.

  7. ““OK, yes, a lot of those abortions come from stupid and irresponsible women that could not keep their legs closed nor could comprehend the mechanics of how to swallow a fucking birth control pill or seek other means of contraception available at the local Walmart.””

    The only woman of my personal acquaintance who I know had an abortion fits that description to a T. At my first real job, decades ago. She was a single mom (widowed), not too bright, liked to go to bars and party. She’d had (so she said), 3 abortions.

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