Wife: “What’s going on with gasoline, you mother said there was a line at Costco and the map shows Alabama is red that we’re out?”

Me: [Explains] “(Cliff’s Notes version) there is oil and the refineries are making gasoline, the pipeline that ships it from Texas up the east coast is shut down due to hackers.”

Wife: “Well, I need gas.”

Me: (Excitedly) “We can take the war rig to bring back guzzaline from Louisiana all shiny and chrome.”

Wife: (Deadpan) “No, you cannot go all shiny and chrome.”

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “Conversation from this morning”
  1. J. KB: (Excitedly) “We can take the war rig to bring back guzzaline from Louisiana all shiny and chrome.”

    J. KB’s wife: (Deadpan) “No, you cannot go all shiny and chrome.”

    J. KB: (Pouts) “Aw.” (Mumbles) “Spoilsport.”)


  2. I filled up yesterday while out doing the shopping. Station was busy, but no reports of outages here in the Tampa Bay area. Prices haven’t spiked yet either.

    GASOLINE OUTAGES as of 10am CT… percent of all stations in state without gasoline:GA 17.5%AL 2.1%TN 3.6%SC 16.2%NC 28.2%FL 4.6%VA 17.1%MD 4.1%NEWLY ADDED MS 1.7%NEWLY ADDED WV 2.8%— Patrick De Haan ⛽️📊 (@GasBuddyGuy) May 12, 2021


    1. Something about those GasBuddy stats…
      I checked the local map a little while ago. Looked like about half the stations had gas, except that most of those hadn’t been updated in several hours, so most of the green map-pins are actually “status unknown” rather than “has gas.”
      At least one truck stop is actively reporting that it does have fuel, so there’s one spot of good news in the area, for the moment. Until the locusts converge. (Wait, do Brood X cicadas drink petroleum products?)

  3. You know, for all the ‘rah rah feminist’ hype, Fury Road really wasn’t a bad movie.

    1. When the local movie theater put up the marque for it, someone added a letter:

      Furry Road.

      I wish I had taken a picture…

      1. I do not know what letter that would be.
        However, after you show the letter I would think, of course.

        1. They misspelled “Fury” as “Furry.”

          I will let you do your own search as to what meanings “Furry” can convey.

  4. It’s a sneak preview of what the Green Leap Backward will bring!
    All road vehicles fully fueled (not that we’re driving much); most of the yard-equipment cans full (Diesel and Baptist gas (no ethanol)); pantry stocked against medium-sized disruptions. We’ll be OK, for now, but I expect a lot of less-prosperous folks, and city-dwellers, will be having problems.

    1. Li’l update: neighborhood rumor has it that there have already been gas thieves roaming the subdivisions with siphons. Expect a run on locking gas caps.
      The pipeline is supposedly back in operation now, and it appears that most of the local gas stations haven’t run out yet, so I think things will be OK around here. This time. (No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow.)

  5. Valhalla I am coming…On we sweep with threshing oar. Our only goal will be the western shore….So now you’d better stop and rebuild all your ruins. For peace and trust can win the day. Despite all of your losing. Led Zep

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