A gun-toting Brooklyn bandit dodged more than 80 police bullets early Friday in a wild street shootout that began with a botched armed robbery and ended with his arrest, officials said.Oft-apprehended Jerrol Harris, 27, was busted around 1:10 a.m. when a single bullet — out of 84 fired at him — pierced his calf to end a blocks-long police pursuit through Bushwick, cops said.

Source: Cops fire 84 shots at robbery suspect, hit him once: police – NY Daily News

I did not know that suppressing fire was approved technique with the NYPD.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on “Cops fire 84 shots at robbery suspect, hit him once.”
  1. That they did not hit any bystanders is pinpoint, sniper like accuracy for the NYPD.

    This is what you get when even the police are soaked in anti-gun culture, they are discouraged from engaging in any firearms practice except for the annual qualification course. They can’t hit the broadside of a barn.

    I’m not a supporter of police militarization. I can go on lengthy diatribes against it. But if your police can’t shoot for beans, they are putting other people at risk. Every round down range is potentially lethal and the above shootout could have resulted in 83 innocent bystanders getting killed.

  2. The mantra from the gun hater cults like csgv is that you ordinary citizens are incapable and untrainable to handle a firearm. Even in the home a gun means you will shot your eye out. Only the police have the training and expertise to carry a gun, yet all that goes out the window at 1:00AM

  3. Recently I shot my LEOSA qualification next to a retired NYPD cop. I have no trouble believing this story.
    In their defense (?), NYPD cops are given the bare minimum of training, qualify only once a year on an extremely easy course, and are discouraged from even thinking about practicing on their own. There are just too many people to properly qualify in a one-year cycle.
    And the NYPD Glock 19s with 11-pound triggers don’t help much, either.

  4. Thankfully the perpetrator was just as bad a shot. Half dozen rounds fired at police and he hit a parked car. But he was tough enough to shoot an unarmed family man while stealing from his SUV.

  5. Buddy of mine and me went to my local indoor range this morning for a couple hours. He’s thinking about buying an XDA-45 so rented one to shoot along with my ARs
    My buddy is a surprisingly good shot and I was breaking his balls about wanting to keep the paper for framing, or if he wanted to take a picture of his groups. Yucking it up.
    The RSO is apparently a local LEO as well, and chimed in on my ball busting; “You shoot better than 90% of my co-workers. You want a job? Maybe you can teach them…” 🙂

    1. Being a retired PO with 32 yrs of service, I can say with 99.9% confidence that cops are generally not really good shots, and they are not “gun guys”, in fact most don’t like guns and would rather leave them at work. They don’t practice on their own time mostly for the above reasons, and because a lot of them have 2nd jobs. I happen to be an exception to that. I have been around guns all my adult life and I used to shoot once a month. Now that I’m retired, I only shoot a few times a year. My belief is that POs have a duty to themselves first, and to the citizens they serve to become proficient with their weapons and to have a thorough working knowledge of the laws they are sworn to enforce. This business of 84 shots, and 51 shots, and the whole “spray and pray” mentality are not acceptable performances by cops. The range safety rules we learned as rookies also apply in the street. We are responsible for each and every bullet we fire. Nobody truly expects every cop to be like the Lone Ranger, and be able to shoot the gun out of a perp’s hand. That’s only in the movies. Being aware of what is beyond the intended target, and not firing if there is a risk to innocent bystanders is what is demanded and expected of professional police officers.

  6. One problem with all these pistols is that they are inconvenient for dry fire practice. Back in the day when most officers were carrying revolvers, I’ll bet they did that and probably had a lot better trigger control and were also better shots.

  7. And these are the “professionals” who the anti-gun crowd say are the only ones who should have firearms.
    No thanks, I’ll keep my Glock and protect myself.

  8. Requiring all officers to qualify once a month would be safer and cheaper than one multi million dollar law suit for injuries to an innocent victim wounded by this type of shootout. Is NYC too stupid to realize this? This incident is a disgrace. This is what you get when DUMB liberal DEMOCRATS are making the decisions.

  9. I was in California about 10 years ago or so, the cops chased down an SUV and surrounded it, started shooting and ended up shooting each other because they were standing in a circle. I couldn’t believe how it was out there, every day there was a police involved shooting.

  10. You peopel need to learn the actual causes before you comment! NYPD has placed 7.5 lb trigger requirements on all their sidearms. When this was in acted accuracy decreased over 70%.
    This is what happens when politicians make decisions instead of commanders in the field

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