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Colorado teachers are TAPING masks to middle school children’s faces to stop kids from pulling them down in class

Teachers in a school district in Colorado are allegedly taping face masks to kids’ faces.

An investigation is underway after a sixth-grader from Chinook Trail Middle School sent a selfie to her mother with her mask taped to her face using blue painter’s tape.

Stephanie Butler, the young girl’s mother, told Fox21 she posted the photo on Friday to make other parents aware of the strict mask policy and to see if other students were ‘being taped’. The disturbing photo has since made its rounds on social media.

‘It’s a type of restraint to me,’ Butler told the news station. She said that her daughter explained that her teacher gave her one warning to keep the mask over her nose or she would have to tape it to keep it up.

The sixth-grader told her mom that the harsh mandate went into effect weeks ago and teachers have been enforcing it. ‘It’s a new thing, if we can’t keep our mask on our nose, we get taped,’ she wrote in a text message.

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Furious parents blast ‘inhumane treatment’ after California school district told parents to send children in with ‘warm jackets’ as they would be forced to eat lunch in the rain because of Covid-19 restrictions

A California school district sparked a huge backlash after one of its schools sent an email to parents earlier earlier this week telling them their children would be forced eat lunch outside in the rain due to coronavirus restrictions.

The email from Patwin Elementary School notified parents that ‘students are required to eat outside’ and instructed families to send kids to school with ‘rain gear and warm jackets’.

Each one of these incidents, by themselves, are an obscenity.

Together they are a trend.

I know I keep bringing up Ordinary Men, but that phenomenon is everywhere today.

COVID restrictions are our invasion of Poland.

It is a situation that encourages ordinary people to release their inner monster.

Politicians, the media, and popular culture praise restrictions and promote hatred and discrimination against those who are are unmasked or unvaccinated.

Consequently, the weakest in our society, children, get the full brunt of this cruelty.

Masks are taped or tied to their faces and they are forced to sit outside in the rain to eat.

Teachers and administrators get to put themselves on the back for being good and loyalty government servants by making children suffer needlessly.

I’m glad there has been some pushback, but honestly, I hear the wall beckoning for teachers and administrators.

Reading this makes the Pinochet in me bubble to the surface and I have but one desire, to repay their cruelty in kind.

They revealed their monster to the world and that bell can never be unrung.

Anyone who tapes a mask to a child’s face or makes a kid sit in the rain to social distance deserves a date with the great grandson of Albert Pierrepoint to dance the Danny Deever.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Cruelty is the point and teachers dish out cruelty to children with alacrity”
  1. We the People are growing a pair.. the liberals are learning that.. push back is growing. Imagine if joe n jane citizens did that…

  2. Most of this defies logic at this point, but logic ks never .govs strong suit anyways.

    I like the pics of we cant have 100+ kids eating lunch together in the cafe, so lets put 100+ kids eating lunch together in the auditorium spaced 2ft apart. Yea im sure that did something…

    Like i get it last year this was basically ebola and no one knew anything and we couldnt get reliable info from .gov but now, come on.

  3. “We know better and it is for your own good” cruelty has been the norm for a while.

    It was just directed toward a smaller number of individuals, who were also unlucky to not induce much sympathy in the general population.

    I am talking about withdrawal of opioid pain relievers from patients on the (statistically false, check research) premise, that patients properly prescribed painkillers abuse them.

    Those who never lived with a chronic mind killing pain will not understand what it is like to know that now there will be no relief from this nightmare.

    Thus so many suicides after that noble mandate for the “patient’s own good” .

    I was just reminded of it this week when after more then a dozen stitches in the ER I was sent home with a Tylenol.

    It is for your own good, peasant!

    1. My wife was sent home from the hospital with Tylenol and ibuprofen after a C-section.

      Read that again.

      A nearly 7-pound infant, plus placenta, was cut out of my wife’s abdomen, and they gave her Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain management. And she had to stop taking the ibuprofen after a bad reaction (which has never happened before; ibuprofen usually sits fine with her), so was left with only Tylenol.

      Again, after a f*****g C-section.

      That’s major surgery, and she (bless her beautiful self) got through the recovery — including helping care for a new human — with OTC-grade medications.

      Because narcotics are bad, mm’kay. Or something, I guess.

      What the actual f*** are they thinking!?

  4. I’ve wondered for a while if the public school abuse is “feature, not bug”. If, at the highest level where things are actually run, they know about it, it’s on purpose, part of the process of producing the intended product.

    1. You’re not wrong on the “feature, not bug” part. Public schools were designed to train kids to stay in line, keep their noses down, and learn identical skill sets. IOW, public schools teach kids to conform.

      And nothing reinforces that conformity — or serves the reminder that the bosses are your betters — quite like being severely punished for even the smallest step out of line.

      When the teachers and school admins subject kids to abusive conditions, I guarantee that they have an even worse punishment lined up should the kids break conformity. The abuse is a test … and also a power flex.

      And we know what happens when people are given power to flex with zero consequences for misusing it.

  5. “Saliva soaked mask tied…around her head”

    In another context that would be called water boarding.

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