This is a variation on the insurrectionist meme: The NRA HATES COPS! ZOMG! Forget that the NRA has had a tight relationship with Police forces for decades and a lot of cops are NRA members or at least they sympathize.

Now, the message as silly as it can be, fails when your own followers go out of their way to sabotage it. If anything, the amount of cop-hating replies pretty much screws with the attempt of NRA-as-enemy-of-cops narrative. Here are some selected samples. Enjoy!



CSGV, not very efficient on Gun Control, but a barrel of laughs.

UPDATE: If the above was not enough, they got mentioned by Fox and Friends ranting against Chris Kyle and CSGV got in full “Oh Crap” mode. But of course the animal runs true to its nature and some of their followers double and triple down.

They are so much fun to watch collapse onto themselves…..

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “CSGV Again: A melting pot of hateful idiots. UPDATED”
  1. Well it makes total sense that in a complete weapon vacuum where no one is allowed to have any cept the authorities, that there wouldn’t’ be any carried by bad guys, right? I mean the cops wouldn’t have to worry about being shot at ALL right? They know who all the bad guys are and will know when they need to be on alert for an attack, right?

    csgv’s crew and puppet followers are a laugh riot with their “logic” interwoven with feelings and handwringing angst.

  2. On their FB post response about trashing Kyle, after a person requested it, they linked to the “original” 2 Oct, 2014 FB post:

    Hmmm… when I go to the link at first it shows posts 27 of 54, I then click “show more comments” and there are none. Same thing with several replies to comments… I click the “7 replies” under a comment, but only 2 are shown.

    I’m guessing that like their other postings, they are scrubbing comments & replies. Want to bet that many are their own posts to clean up their “oh, crap” comments, not just silencing pro-gun commenters?

    1. Add-on to my other comment…

      I did a count, 28 0f 56 main comments, no additional ones when “show more” is clicked. I opened all the replies. A “5 replies” when clicked flashes a different number like “7 replies” (I take this as the real count), then shows the replies, but shows only 2.

      I opened all replies, here’s the count I got:
      reply # shown = 60 total
      real number replies flashed = 79 total
      still showing the reply = 14

      So, that’s 56 main comments + 79 replies = 135
      and 28 comments now seen + 14 replies now seen = 42

      That’s 68.8% DELETED comments/replies. So much for open debate…

    2. they are scrubbing comments & replies

      Oh yes! They do that. That is why when I get a fresh stupid post from them, I stay with it and star doing screen caps like crazy. And they do such a piss-poor job of scrubbing, many times the threads do not make sense or it is obvious that posts are missing.

      1. What’s really sad is that while they’re scrubbing, they’re trying to deny any of their actions or own comments made. Just like they did when they started publishing information on firearm advocates on Twitter and got a week ban.

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