CSGV Doctor shoots patient

CSGV should have not touched this one if for nothing more than the comments of its followers:

Eric Martin It’s just swell that doctors have to carry guns around. I know we will be hearing about this one from gun nuts for years to come, but a society in which a doctor shoots patients in his hospital is nothing to be proud of.

Marilyn Decker For the gun proponents to jump on this one would be ludicrous. That doctor’s gun wasn’t enough to save the caseworker. But if we had stricter gun laws, that patient wouldn’t have gotten the gun in the first place. Because of weak backgroiund checks and non-enforcement of illegal straw purchases, it’s too easy to get hold of a gun, whether legally or illegally.

Reia Barber the doctor had a gun because he’s a Republican

Sandy Browder Ummmm, if I recall correctly the good doctor was carrying in a gun free facility…yes, he is alive possibly because of it, but he should be fired. He alone is responsible for any issues arising from it. And of course a mentally ill person absolutely should not have a gun. How did he get it? Should be interesting.

Guy L W Hardy The doctor was clearly aware of the facility’s policy regarding guns. He HAD to be – with all of the publicity the issue has received over the last few years, and considering his level of responsibility in the facility, there can be no conclusion other than that HE KNEW THE POLICY. It must also be concluded that he flouted that policy for reason of his own. For purposes of the argument, he “broke the law” with regards to the hospital, and must now be punished for his transgression. It was grossly irresponsible for him to disregard facility policy—ESPECIALLY in this area—and so he should lose his job at the very least.

William Wesling Nagel Well I guess occasionally a Good Guy with a Gun actually Shoots a Bad Guy with a Gun but it sure seems to be the exception than the rule. Statistically Speaking a Good Guy with a Gun turns into a Bad Guy with a Gun and uses it on the rest of us. A Good Guy with a Gun lets it fall into Unqualified Hands or Criminal Hands and it is used against the rest of us or the Good Guy with a Gun gets depressed and uses it on himself.

Christine Stensrud I think the “war on drugs” should be changed to “war on illegal guns”. The war on drugs is not working. Maybe focusing on all the illegal weapons instead of drugs should happen before the drugs. What is wrong about getting background info. You have to get one to get a job and also submit to a drug screen. If you have nothing to hide then why should you care.

We have people, allegedly members of the Human race who are basically saying that the doctor should have been a victim and that would be better than having survived  the attack. That a hospital policy (mind you a hospital, not even the law of the state) trumps the basic human right of self-defense. What sick & twisted mind chooses corpses over life?

Imagine one of these idiots in a Legislature passing laws that fit their ideologies and absolute lack of respect for your life.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

21 thoughts on “CSGV and the Pennsylvania Hospital Shooting.”
  1. “, he “broke the law” with regards to the hospital, and must now be punished for his transgression.”

    No, he violated company policy, big difference.

    ” Statistically Speaking a Good Guy with a Gun turns into a Bad Guy with a Gun and uses it on the rest of us.”


    This one I think wins the prize for stupid post of the day;

    “Reia Barber the doctor had a gun because he’s a Republican”

    Really? A democrat has never carried a gun?

    1. While those are good – to me the best one is we should change the war on drugs to the war on illegal drugs. The war on drugs is not working.

      My God do these people vote?

  2. I like the guy who says the war on drugs is not working, and then says, we need a war on illegal guns. They’re insane.

  3. The CSGV site certainly is a goldmine for the anti-gun mindset.

    They ask “Where did he get the gun?” Well. likely from one of his many criminal connections. I ask, why was he out on the street in the first place w/ such a long criminal history?

  4. My company does not allow me to carry in my truck. However, the rule book does not say anything about transporting a firearm. I know if I am compelled to defend myself that minor distinction won’t prevent me from getting fired, but guess what, I’d rather look for a new job than shop for a coffin.

    1. “Better to be a live felon than a dead victim.” -me, to my sister, on the topic of whether she should carry concealed on a gun-free school campus.(University of Colorado, before that particular bill went down in flames)

  5. “Imagine one of these idiots…”

    I don’t have to imagine it. We have a legislature full of such idiots, and we have two such idiots in the U.S Senate. I live in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia.

  6. What I see here is alot of comments from morons. That I’m glad do not carry guns, they wouldn’t have the mindset to use them properly. Then of course they don’t need guns anyway the law and gun free zones will protect them. The police will also help out once the crime is over and they get there.They can only come once the law is being broke, they can’t be everywhere and I believe they do the best they can. People wonder where the guns come from, a lot of them come thru the underground, passed from one criminal to another, so you liberal idiots and your utopian thoughts please tell me how another law passed will make a criminal follow it .You anti gun people are more dangerous to a society then the criminals. Once you take away a person’s fundamental right to protect themselves and others, you open the very door that our founding fathers shut when this great nation was started. Every society that takes away this right has fallen or went bad . When this right is taken away there is nothing to stop the possibility of other rights being lost our founding fathers new this, because they lived through it. Now to all of you that hate guns why don’t you move to a country that they are not allowed. I here there is no crime there because there everyone follows the law and there is no need for them. I hope it works out for you.

  7. He did not break any law only the policy of the hospital.If he did not have a gun how many more people would have been wounded or killed?It’s to bad that he did not shoot this person before he took a life. When are you idiots going to wake up to the fact that you will never be able to stop the black market on firearms.If you had less gun free zones you would have less killings.

    1. Indeed. The presence of a good guy with a gun most probably is why it was a “shooting” with only 1 victim instead of a “shooting spree” with dozens.

      I expect we’ll be seeing more of this, since that’s the 2nd in as many months.

  8. So exactly where and how did the bad guy get the gun he used? Has that question been answered.
    Pretty much all of the inane hoplophobic ‘comments’ have already been addressed so I don’t have to.

  9. Wow. They probably approve of that old sarcastic meme that said, “A woman raped and strangled to death with her own panties is morally superior to one with a smoking gun and dead rapist at her feet.”

  10. Those comments are pure gold.

    These are the people that will call the police when their neighbor’s radio is too loud.
    These are the people who will call the police when they see kids selling lemonade because they don’t have a permit.
    These are the people who will sit in front of you in a LEFT turn only lane, with their RIGHT blinker on.
    These are the people who will push a cart with 30 items through a 12 item of less lane and get offended if someone says something.
    These are the people who will be in front of you on the highway during the zombie apocalypse; texting… 🙂

    1. and these are the people that when imprisoned in a concentration camp will be the snitch that informs on their fellow inmates for that extra slice of bread.

  11. I especially love the comment about how “statistically” a good guy with a gun becomes a bad guy with a gun. Let’s do basic math. There are 300 million firearms in the hands of about 100 million decent and law-abiding citizens. Crimes involving firearms are almost universally associated with criminals and gang members. Sorry, statistically, the chance of a good guy with a gun becoming a bad guy with a gun is almost zero.

    I give this dunce a sad panda math bozo award.

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