csgv machine guns

The Cult followers immediately began to tear their clothes and pour ashes on their hair:

Sheila Lechner Seems it’s also pretty easy to convert a semi-auto to full auto….. Another gun law loophole you can drive a truck through.
(Loophole: Something I don’t like and needs to be made illegal)

Joyce Wickizer Nielsen Good to know – will we be seeing them in open carry situations at restaurants anytime soon?
(Yes, cops have them)

Nana Kim Why does Joe Citizen need a fricken machine gun? Thanks NRA.
(Next the NRA is gonna be blamed for Global Warming and dandruff)

Kendrick Williams That’s just the amount that are registered. How many aren’t registered, or do I have to ask that to the manufacturers?
(Well, most are War Trophy gun and you really don’t want to know the estimate of non registered guns)

Dan Moore Time to limit gun numbers and ammo limits? Now they have smart guns. Maybe they should be required. The technology can be retrofitted. Since thousands of gun deaths are accidental, including most child involved deaths, requiring smart technology would make guns way safer. I am ambivalent about private ownership, but adamant about safety, especially the safety of those not involved in violent play with firearms.
(Jesus Dan,  you barely passed LEGOS in kinder-garden, didn’t you?

Adam Gagne The level of fear needed to purchase a machine gun is something I cannot even imagine.
(Actually the level of zeros in your bank account to buy one would scare you)

Vivi Gold I guess is for “hunting” , “sport” and “self defense”?…
(Have her attend Knob Creek would mar her psyche for the rest of her life)

Raymond Bradshaw How long before bazookas are available I wonder.
(OK, nobody tell him they are already available under Destructive Devices. Mortars too)

Alec Gevarter Which is why the assault weapons ban should be re-instated. Civilians don’t need machine guns. They’re too dangerous for what they offer.
(And we see the results of the well orchestrated Josh Sugarmann deception and the reason we can’t let them control the message)

We face dedicated and fanatical ignorance.  I don’t mind people who is not expert or even has no idea on a subject, but being purposefully  ignorant is a different matter.

Not that CSGV and its cult followers matter much…

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “CSGV finds out there are civilians with machine guns in the US. Panic ensues.”
    1. I have a friend that has a black powder cannon from the not so civil war. IIRC it a 4″ bore. He fires tin cans filled with concrete in it. Every 4th of July. The cult followers would ruin a ton of panties if they knew that.

  1. OK anti-gun geniuses, how many full-auto firearms are used in crimes?

    And don’t count wars, because those are the one demographic you’ve actually condoned having guns.

    1. My comments precisely. It’s a terrible shame the sheer number of mass killings with full auto, registered weapons owned by civilians in the US each year…Oh wait…

  2. I’ll just file CSGV’s post under derp and move on. Amusing though. Which now begs the question to CSGV and followers, “Just born yesterday, huh?”.

  3. Remember, kids, these are our intellectual betters speaking.

    The fact that these items have been out there for quite a while, yet no crimes have been committed with them seems to have escaped their notice somehow.

  4. “We face dedicated and fanatical ignorance. ” I’m going to disagree. While they’re ‘fanatical’, most are not ‘dedicated’ outside of leaving FB comments. Just take a look at the Indianapolis ‘protest’. They had to pay to get a hundred people to show up from an immediate population of 850K.

  5. The best one is the guy thanking the NRA. If the tard did his research he’d see that the NRA actually SUPPORTED the registration of NFA items and they did not speak out against the ’86 Hughes Amendment, the one that CLOSED the Machine Gun registry.

  6. The ignorance of these people is truly STAGGERING.
    What does it feel like to go through life driven by emotion?

  7. I find it funny that they compare thugs with rich class 3 owners. Because Jo blow billionaire that ownes a Maxim is going to go bangin in his Enzo Ferrari. Those class 3 owners are a dangerous lot. LOL. Why is there no law to prevent lib-tards from breeding. LOL Smoke another one cheech.

  8. Illinois banned switchblade knives in the 1960s to try to get rid of gangs. We have MORE gangs now, but all the legal knife users have to use two hands to open it. DUMB

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