So CSGV Media Intern poses this question:

CSGV Gun Culture

And once again we are regaled with the caring, opening and understanding of the Laddites, beautiful hearts full of love and compassion.

CSGV Gun Culture 2

What’s with the penis thing? Specifically, How do they know the sizes we may or may not have? Do the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence have people who go door to door asking “Are you a Gun Owner? May I see your penis?”

I have been lucky, I guess, that none of the Penis Census Takers has drop by my place.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

29 thoughts on “CSGV: Hitting every branch of the bigot tree on their way down.”
  1. Is it possible that’s what that census worker in Dallas was determined to find out from the homeowner?

  2. They would have been quite comfortable under the regime that followed the Weimar Republic — they’ve gotten the reflexive hatred of those they’re ordered to hate down pat.

  3. Oh, sure, they’re all “tiny penis” this and “compensating for something” that, but if you actually ask them to go get a ruler and drop trou for a good old fashioned dick measuring contest, suddenly they start back pedaling.

  4. How did those morons leave Jake Ross’s comment up? If you read his comment carefully, he called out the Laddites.

    1. They saw the words crazy, racist, and bible thumping and just assumed he meant us. He infiltrated and used the language of the locals there. Go Jake!!

      1. And since its ‘all about the children’ you have to remind them that you couldn’t possibly let your kids read the off color language their followers use!

  5. They have a sexual neurosis. I call them out for indecently and irrelevantly expressing their sexual inadequacies in a public forum whenever they make any comments like that.

    1. Laddite is a play on luditte: Followers of Ladd Everit, Director of Communications at Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. 😀
      Same principle of opposing common sense, rights and history.

  6. Two different universes. Gun owners occupy the real universe, where things go wrong, evil exists, and we know we are on our own, and we take responsibility for protecting our own.

    Hoplophobes like the ones above occupy a fantasy world where the government always protects “the people”, at least those who follow the Safari Rule (stay in the car when in the zone of dangerous animals).

    Hoplophobes make jokes about “small penises” because they buy into the pop psychology of their infantilized fantasy world, where everything has to do with sex, and in which the only ones that should have weapons are agents of the government (monopoly of force), and all others with weapons must be compensating for some sexual dysfunction.

    It’s sickening stuff.

  7. Well, as I am not the owner of a penis, the size of it does not come into question, and since I am writing this from my workplace at one of the foremost universities in the midwest, their argument of my being intellectually challenged has little validity.

    1. I also find it a laugh that they call us sexist when we’re the ones who want you to be able to defend yourself from attack without having to rely on a big, strong, well-endowed man.

    2. In the 1983 version of Scarface, there is a warning given to Tony Montana as he was starting his career in the cocaine trade: Don’t get high on your own supply.
      Gun Control created a fake image of what gun owners look like and who they are, but started to consume their own product and firmly believe it is the reality.
      I used to be somewhat insulted, but they are actually doing us a favor by believing we are that stupid and that small in numbers: They grow overly confident and make serious mistakes.
      We win.

  8. What comes to mind when I read responses such as the ones which have been posted is the reality that there are three types of people in this world: 1. Those who make things happen. e.g. NRA, ISRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, GSL. 2. Those who watch things happen. e.g. the innocents who ultimately become victims of those who would do evil. and 3. Those who have absolutely no clue about what has happened or will happen. e.g. Just about everyone who follow Michael Bloomberg’s anti gun efforts.
    Backwoods Engineer has a good grasp on reality!

  9. My theory is that the people who talk about penis size the most are the ones who are most insecure about it. And frankly, mine gets in the way enough as it is. I wouldn’t want it to be any bigger.

    There’s also, of course, the article I read where it turns out that Republican men are better lovers than Democrat men. Apparently when he doesn’t feel like he has anything to apologize for and that she doesn’t owe him anything, he’s an absolute beast.

  10. Hmmm…in my circle, the only “fat” guy is an 80 year old Korean War vet with a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts. If he’s fat, he earned it the hard way.

    And any match is like an engineering conference as all but a couple are EE’s, CE’s and ME’s, most with advanced degrees.

    IOW, we HAVE to see the real world, not the infantile fantasy of the Lib Arts deranged set.

    Now, the metrosexual/penis-envy crowd is another story in it’s own right.

  11. If the reason we buy guns is to compensate for the size of our penises, then why are sub-compacts so popular?

  12. I shoot, but I’m an engineer and my wife is satisfied. My neck may be a bit sunburned though! Batting 333 isn’t too bad.

    If you want a great reply next time some anti -rights idiot goes on and on about compensating, just quote Sigmund Freud: “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”

  13. A common tactic among anti-freedom types is to change their name whenever the public catches on to the lies they’ve been peddling. Much like “gun control” is morphing into “gun safety”. Perhaps we should consider something similar. (Similar, because I don’t necessarily think we should give up on “gun culture”, just augment it.)

    When I tried to answer CSGV’s question, the first thing (albeit not word) that came to mind was a sense of protection, and a willingness to fight for the innocent and to defend that which you hold dear.

    This makes me wonder if, in addition to “gun culture”, we should emphasize the most important aspect of it: “Protection Culture” or “Sheep Dog Culture”, or even “Liberty Culture”. Of course, this doesn’t capture everything about the “Gun Culture” (because we also have History, Hunting, and Sport, among other things…) but I think this would be a worthwhile consideration…

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