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Ladd and Company are showing their creative juices by desperately trying to craft a new history. It seems that in this new version, Gun Owners and the NRA have managed to acquire power by behaving like banana republic guerrillas or Narcos and have thrown the gears of Democracy into some sort of perverse reverse. We are insurrectionists, degenerates and villains who are a shadow government controlling elected officials while driving through ghettos at night tossing machine guns from the back of trucks to gang members so they can kill innocent children on their way to school or church.

And you know something? I am OK with that. Obviously not that the new narrative is right, but because it is so blatantly over the top, even your followers start questioning it and the regular folks blink hard and shake their heads at the obvious fabrications. The more Ladd and the unpaid Social Media intern kick the exaggerations, the more they lose credibility with the masses.

Here is an example of shooting themselves in the foot:

CSGV bans Gun Control advocate

What was the challenge? Mr. Owen disputed the latest CSGV story re-write:


Is it not the mantra of the Gun Control groups that the NRA wanted EVERYBODY to have guns so the gun manufacturers could rake in the profits? Wasn’t Colin Noir criticized as being a marketing tool to sell guns to Minorities? Yet when Mr. Owen points this out to CSGV, he gets blocked. And again, he is not a gun nut but an avowed Gun Control fan, but he dared to demand an explanation why the sudden change. The consequence of this? Maybe Mr. Owen will revise his support to Gun Control groups and his own beliefs and so will those who may have been watching the exchange. At the very least, they gave me material for this blog and now resides in the interwebs as example of the Gun Control fascism, the fascism they accuse us of doing.

Narratives and dogma are the tools of the mentally lazy, the intellectually dishonest and those seeking power no matter the cost. People like CSGV cannot understand that the advances made by the Gun Culture were not instantaneously by bribe or done by threat (as they do themselves) but after decades of long work in multiple fronts. Heller did not start in 2002 but in 1974 when the Second Amendment Foundation was created to research the judiciary history of Gun Rights. And it was the next year when the NRA had the Cincinnati Revolt and included in its principles the defense of gun rights via Legislatures and the Executive by the use of the ballot box. The average “Gun Nut” took upon themselves to challenge the newspapers writing letters to the editor and then flooding the internet to spread the message of the Second Amendment and did it under wave after wave of invective and character assassinations that would have sent lesser people running inside a hole. But we took those insults and made them badges of merit. That confounded them and still have not figured out why we do not relent.

We used the Ballot Box, The Jury Box and the Soap Box with more than moderate success and we will keep doing it because we understand what entails using the Fourth Box.

It has been forty long years of work to reach where we are and we probably have another forty to go.

And we will not stop.




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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.