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During the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, South Florida went through pretty much the same out-of-gas ordeal. In a rather heavily armed atmosphere the incidents of shooting each other for a can of gasoline were a big fat zero. There were a couple of fistacuffs that did not go far and that was about it. One thing you can bet in South Florida after a hurricane is that people will pack while moving around and long guns will be at the ready in homes almost everywhere.

Then again you never heard about generalized looting after Wilma (or pretty much any hurricane in the past 15 years because people here are armed and do not take kindly to looters or as they  call them, “Moving Targets.” There were indeed a couple of incidents, but since people were taking care of their own neighborhoods, police was not spread thin all over the county keeping an eye on everybody, they responded quickly and arrested most of the offenders.

Is it some pervasive mindset that makes people literally wish to be taken care of like infant children? I am willing to bet that the National Guardsmen are carrying unloaded weapons as it happened down here after Hurricane Andrew. Tales abound of civilians loaning ammunition to the NG because even after the fact was known, the upper command refused to issue live ammo to the troops which made them targets of armed bad guys.

But in CSGV’s little pathetic world, feeling safe trumps being safe.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “CSGV: Wilfully Ignorants.”
  1. Police are getting paid to uphold the law. Therefore the risk they take in a disaster has a price tag on it, and they WILL make a judgement call on their safety (Hell I did it with fishing boats…I had the option of going on a dangerous boat for a week and making a few grand, or staying home and waiting for the next boat….I made the call and I’ve done both)

    Meanwhile if I’m hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass, there is no similar choice.

    I will uphold order myself because its MY life on the line.

    But Ladd would rather total strangers risk THEIR lives for his candy-ass!

    Nice, huh?

  2. “…police and national guard forces keeping the peace…”

    Like the ones in New Orleans who forcibly disarmed, and evicted those who were in no danger from the after effects of Katrina, then went on to shoot and killed innocent people? Or the ones caught on camera joining in the looting IN UNIFORM?? Those ‘forces’???

    I’ll take my chances, armed, with normal human beings thankyouverymuch! At least when I’m assaulted by a thug NOT wearing a badge I know society won’t automatically side with HIM.

  3. they did forget to mention that people have been pulling guns on each other, they just don’t have licenses to carry…. Silly Ladd.

  4. My criminal justice professor is a retired Lieutenant Colonel. He says that only the active component went without ammunition.

  5. Oddly enough the only time we Texans had a real problem with crime increases right after a hurricane was during a hurricane that didn’t even COME TO TEXAS! Care to guess which hurricane and which fucking state the massive influx of fucking criminals came from?

    1. You must remember that bus that was commandeered by a young man, filled it with people and drove to Texas? He was congratulated and given accolades, etc. Turned out that he was one of the biggest looters in NOLA and I think he is serving time now for crimes committed in Texas

      1. lots worse than that. the government of course gave the people who ran from Katrina vouchers…and put them in apartment complexes where the crime rate in those areas doubled. there were cases where after robberies, break ins and other crimes where the plates on get away vehicles were Louisiana plates.

  6. Well, considering all the reports of looting and assaults and so on, I’d say the NG and cops have somehow lost their magical ability to be in all places at all times to prot-

    Oh, that’s right, they can’t.

  7. Curly, saw a show a couple of years back on that, specifically all the gang members that went to cities like Houston.
    And the BIG surprises they got when they tried to play the same games they got away with in NO.

  8. See, it doesn’t matter if it has happened or is a complete myth. It’s what Ladd WANTS to happen, what he NEEDS to happen to justify his beliefs. He needs firearm owners to be shooting eachother on a regular basis (or any basis) so his worldview doesn’t collapse completely around him. Reality does not enter into the equation.

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