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The Ranch version is a bit more of a break from the rest of the American line, offering shooters what looks to be a handy utility rifle. The version is the shortest in the line, boasting a 16.12” barrel and is offered with the choice of a standard or compact polymer stock. With the standard stock the Ranch Rifle’s overall length of 36”, with the compact it is 34 ¾”.

The Ranch rifle comes in two calibers, 5.56 NATO/.223 and 300 Blackout, two of the most popular AR calibers. This gives the bolt-action the potential of being a solid complementary gun to the ubiquitous semiautomatic. Another feature that could help marry it to an AR, the factory-installed scope rail that allows for quick optic swaps

via Ruger Continues to Expand Popular American Rifle Line | Gun Digest.

At a retail of $489, the rifle is something to be considered. I am not too crazy about the caliber but you do have to consider the recoil on something that short and light spitting a .308. The specs and features read VERY good for a rifle of this price.

And no, I am not impressed by the LCR in 9mm. Other than the LCR having a great trigger that may come handy with some people with disabilities, a snub-nose revolver in 9mm is no longer the solution for very discreet carry in this era of super compact semi autos.

And yes, I want to buy a Pentax digital camera. My heart and meager savings are gravitating me to a K-30.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “Damn it Ruger! I want to buy a camera!”
  1. “I am not too crazy about the caliber but you do have to consider the recoil on something that short and light spitting a .308.”

    Howdy Miquel,
    I have a Ruger American Compact in .308 and while it certainly moves more than my Gunsite Scout in the same caliber, its still quite manageable. And the Compact goes for about $350. I’ve beem working on it to make it into a scout riflr and I’m looking forward to going after Bambi with it this fall.

  2. I’ve got a Pentax Kx that I love. However, consider that with something other than Nikon or Canon, certain accessories can effectively only be purchased from online sources, and you’ll see fewer deals. (For me that’s mitigated by being able to use a 30 year old manual focus F 1.7 lens from a garage sale and still get image stabilization)

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