This fucking guy.

This absolute fucking wanker.

Guns sales have been up, but they really spiked starting in the summer of 2020.

The “summer of love.”

The summer of riots.

Where Americans watched as people burned buildings, looted, beat people in the street, committed murder, blocked traffic and assaulted drivers, and turned our cities into thrid world war zones as the media voiceovers called them “mostly peaceful protests.”

Americans watched as COVID was the excuse given to release tens of thousands of prisoners and ending the detainment of suspects before trial.

This was exacerbated by Progressive cities engaging in bail reform.

Americans watched as police came under rhetorical attack and were defunded by city governments, so became massively short-handed and stopped patrolling.

Asians and Jews were attacked on the streets in broad daylight.

You can’t turn on the news about Washington DC, Atlanta, or Chicago and not see stories about weekends where 50 or more people were shot.

You can’t turn on the news about New York City or San Francisco and not see stories about subway stabbings and people being shoved in front of trains.

The violent crime and homicide rates in city after city jumped by 40%, 50%, and in some cases over 100%.

Our metropolitan areas are out of control.

A lot of eyes have been opened.  When the police have been defunded and the Woke DAs refuse to prosecute for reasons of “equity,”  it becomes crystal clear that nobody is coming to save you and you better be ready to protect yourself.

But David “child burner” Chipman has nothing but contempt for law-abiding Americans who want to be able to defend themselves the next time everything goes to shit around them and the police are nowhere to be found.

But, of course, he’s like that, he’s a career ATF stooge.  Hating law-abiding American gun owners is his religion.

What an absolute contemptible asshole he is.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “David Chipman shows absolute contempt for law abiding American gun owners on live TV”
  1. Small correction, he’s not a career ATF stooge.

    He spent a decade, wasn’t it, working for an organization dedicated to eliminating one of America’s most fundamental civil rights. (In fact he’s still drawing a paycheck from them, I think.)

    And we also shouldn’t forget the time spent shilling for a marginally effective (at best) gunshot detection system, which overpaying cities can’t make use of anyway with decimated police forces.

    So yes, Chipman is more than just a career ATF stooge.

  2. Erin Palette has an interesting theory.

    The idea is that Chipman’s not going to get confirmed because he’s one of Bloomberg’s pals, and the Dems are still pissed at Bloomie’s shenanigans in 2020. It doesn’t help that gun control as an issue is rapidly going from toxic to radioactive.

    I’m not totally sold on it, but it wouldn’t be the first time the Dems have engaged in some theater to deal with an internal issue.

  3. Since obam was annointed gun sales have set records EVERY month…. That is one reason ammo is scarce. Many new gun owners. These people are dangerous idiots. Look at San Francisco- liberals let criminals run free. Liberals blame honest hard working fukkin TAX PAYERS for everything cause We the People like Trump…. Its getting interesting out there….

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