Victim status is a hell of a drug.  It’s more addictive than opiates.  Once someone gets a hit of it, they never want to give it up.

By every objective measure, David Hogg should be hated by the Left.  He’s a straight, white, male who grew up in a nice house in a nice area of Broward.

But he was somewhere in the vicinity of an active shooter, and more importantly, was more than willing to throw himself in front of a news camera as a victim.  He rode that to national prominence, fame, a book deal, and despite his bad grade, Harvard, which is the ultimate bestower of Privilege.

To stay relevant and empowered on the Left, has to be a victim, and the only way for this well-off straight, white, male to be that, he has to be threatened by worse people.  When he’s not, he makes it up.

I’m not sure if Hogg is even in Virginia right now.  I doubt he wanted to travel all the way from Boston to Richmond for a weekend.  But that doesn’t matter.  His First Amendment rights are being oppressed by those scary gun rights activists.

Miguel and I have written enough condemnation of those tactical douche bags.  Given everything I disagree about what they are doing, they have not put out a Fatwa on Hogg.  There is no risk to his life.  But he’s going to flop around like a French soccer player pretending that those scary gun owners are the reason he can’t be in Richmond telling NRA members that they are murders and have blood on their faces.

Everything about this boy indicates to me that he is a sociopath who is happy to step on real victims for self-aggrandizement.

Consider how very verbally aggressive he gets with people he disagrees with.  It’s really over-the-top and disproportionate to what provoked him.

Rubio said nothing remotely related to guns or even Conservative politics, but Hogg lashed out.

I truly believe Hogg wants to goad someone into taking a shot at him just to level up his victim status.  This boy ain’t right.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “David Hogg doing the victim soccer flop again, this time in Virginia”
  1. He’s sort of a white version of Al Sharpton — their level of integrity and honesty is pretty much the same, and soon he too will have a fake degree.

  2. Interesting…

    They are peacefully assembling to petition their government for a redress of grievances (i.e. their First Amendment right).

    I guess David Hogg does not know the Constitution.

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