There was an anti-police, anti-ICE, radical Leftist march in DC organized under the hashtag #StopMPD.

It was the usual mashup of Lefitst beliefs from racist police to environmentalism.

I still have no idea how DC is colonized but that is just the jargon of the times.

In this tweet, the woman in the middle is wearing a shirt that says “Assata taught me” in reference to Assata Shakur the cop killing socialist fugitive.

Again I have to ask, cui bono with letting prostitutes walk freely on city streets?

What is fantastic about all of this is that less than two weeks ago there was news from Brazil relavent to all of this.

Slaughter on the streets: Brazilian city sees its murder rate go up 650% after police go on strike, with 52 murders in just THREE DAYS across lawless region

A Brazilian city’s murder rate has soared by 650 per cent with 52 homicides in just three days after police officers went on strike.

Military troops had to be deployed in the state of Espírito Santo after looting, rape and murders broke out on Saturday amid the industrial action.

The chaos has been compared to the 2014 thriller film The Purge, where people take advantage of the absence of law and order to carry out horrific crimes.

With officers staging a walk-out over conditions and wages, thugs are running riot, with people running rampant with guns and machetes, shops being robbed, buses set on fire and dead bodies are left lying in the street.

Does anybody thing that parts of DC (if not almost all of DC) is any different than Brazil?

If the police were to be abolished, will DC suddenly fall into peace and prosperity, with racial harmony and equality for all?

Or will DC turn into The Purge with the criminal element taking over in very short order?

Since I believe that human behavior is human behavior, the criminal element of DC is no different than the criminal element of Brazil.

Do these people not understand that, or is there goal to make that happen?


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “DC anti police march and lessons from Brazil”
  1. Amazing how these groups blame everyone but the guilty. Either thay eaten up with the dumbass or its planned. Best to stay away from any large city if possible.

  2. Hmm. I live in NoVA and this is the first I heard of this march. It got zero news attention around here.

  3. These people have zero idea what they’re asking for.

    I kind of hope they get it, but for the fact I’m one of the people who will wind up paying for the resulting mess to be cleaned up.

    1. I get that, to a point.

      The problem is, though, that for most of them there would be little long-term consequence to having done something so stupid if someone else picks up their mess. Learning would be less likely to have occurred; and then we’ll need to go through all the same crap a generation or two down the line.

      Plus, I seriously doubt many of them would ever understand, let alone acknowledge, that the grief they go through is their own fault.

      Sorry, in a somewhat cynical mood this morning.

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