Dead poets society

The People for Bernie have sent a Tweet that is both hilarious and pathetic.

You’d think for a bunch of useless art majors, they’d be able to write better poetry.

What is interesting about this is that it doesn’t specifically reference Senators or politicians.  It simply says “them.”

That might be politicians.  It may be their supporters or just people to the right of Bernie.

If you can’t get to DC and harass an elected official, you can always assault a kid with a MAGA hat and send the same message.

Achieving political goals through intimidation is a slippery slope.  There will always be someone who calls your bluff, and to keep moving forward you have to get violent.  An empty threat is useless.

We all know this, that’s why we are telling you now, knock this shit off.  We know where it leads and we don’t want to go there.

Since you may not listen to reason, I might be able to get you to listen to my shitty poetry.

Confront if you insist
I will punch you with my fist.
I may hit you with a bat
or shoot you with my gat.
If you scare my wife,
I will stab you with a knife.
We don’t want to be harassed,
At the backlash, you’ll be aghast.
We’ll knock the teeth out of your mouth,
If you do this in the South.
Do not waste your breath,
we will beat you all to death.
Consider yourselves warned.  

Are we clear now?

3 Replies to “Dead poets society”

  1. The big problem is the weak-minded and morally-deficient Democrats and other Leftist will listen to these calls for uncivil behavior and easily escalate to violence.

    We have already seen it from Bernie Bros, Antifa, and BLM.

    When my enemies announce their intentions, I pay heed.

    They intend to harass us and someone will indeed call their bluff.

    I see people writing that there will not be a Second American Civil War and I am not so sure with the dumpster-fire of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

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