Rabbi Jeffrey Meyers, the Rabbi of the Tree of Live Synagogue in Pittsburgh is a better man than most.

CNN host Alisyn Camerota is a piece of shit.

During an interview with Rabbi Myers, she tried to bait him into blaming Trump for the shooting, which he did not do.  She then asked him if he wanted Trump there, trying to bait him into an anti Trump statement.  What he said was beautiful.

“The president of the United States is always welcome, I’m a citizen. He’s my president. He is certainly welcome.”

That is the kind of statement I want an American Rabbi to say.

What happened next is both terrible and totally predicable.

Pittsburgh synagogue rabbi reveals he has been getting hate mail for saying he would welcome Trump and has no plans to meet the president anyway because of funeral duties

His not meeting with Trump is because he is busy doing his duty to his congregation as a Rabbi, not animus.  Another reason he is a good man.

Rabbi Myers has no plan to meet with the couple, he said, because his attention will be on the family of Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, one of his congregants whose funeral he is presiding over.

‘I have no plans at this time for any involvement. My attention will be the family. I have a funeral and I must tend to their needs. That’s where my attention will be,’ he said.

On Monday, he said: ‘It would be my honor to always meet a president of the United States.

His refusal to condemn Trump and his welcoming him to the Synagogue pissed off the Radical Left.

Rabbi Claims He’s Getting Death Threats for Saying President Trump Is Welcome in Pittsburgh

Survive an attack by a white supremacist.  Get sympathy from the Left.  Not get baited into an anti Trump tirade by a garbage human on CNN and suddenly the people giving you sympathy threaten your life.

The only good Jews to the Left are the useful idiots, and only as long as they remain useful.

This Rabbi refused to be a useful idiot to the #Resistance and how they are going to kill him.

Jews, you cannot win with the radicals.  They will always find a reason to hate you and want to kill you.

You only have two choices, pretend this isn’t the case and hope to die of old age before they murder you or prepare yourselves to fight back.


I spend yesterday sick in bed so this post was prepared before I slipped into a influenza induces coma.

During my hours of unconsciousness, Rabbi Meyers med with President Trump, the First Lady, and his daughter and son-in-law Jared.

There are some who have accused him of bringing Ivanka and Jared beards, but I for one think it was the right choice.  It is a mitzvah (blessing) for a Jew to visit the bereaved and to say the kaddish.  Having the Present’s children and arguably the two highest profile Jews in America right now go to that memorial is a blessing.

Rabbi Meyers welcomed the First Family and pushed back against the naysayers.

In contrast, the Democrat Mayor of Pittsburgh and Governor of Pennsylvania did not meet with Trump.  I guess for the Left, unity after a tragedy only goes so far.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Dear Jews, they will always find a reason to hate you – Updated”
  1. Tom Lehrer was right “everybody hates the Jews” , quote from his song National Brotherhood Week.
    On a personal note, after reading about the attack, I moved my pistol to a more accessible spot and loaded defensive ammo instead of range ammo. I am also starting on a carry permit and I will be packing on Shabbat.

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