Katy Tur does not read this blog.  Why would she?  She’s from a California media dynasty and a host on MSNBC*.

*Isn’t privilege great? Being 34 and an MSNBC host because your parents are Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awarding wining creators of the Los Angeles News Service is a hell of a thing.

If she did read this blog she might have read the posts I made about Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz bad mouthing the Trump tax cut, and continued push to make a $1,000 refund into a detestable pittance resented by the people that got it.

That is some hyper-elite tone deafness.  But when you are an MSNBC host with an estimated $400,000/year salary and $200,000/year book royalty fee, $1,000 can seen small.

Well, Katy Tur went to Twitter to mock Middle Americans and their $1,000 bonuses.

See, foolish Americans thinking that every little bit will help.

How date they try to find a ray of light in “crumbs” and aspire to have kids and send them to college because they have some extra money?

It’s not like the Democrats made giving birth in a hospital or going to college any cheaper with their higher tax rates (in fact, they made is more expensive).

So what is the alternative that she puts forward?  If the government didn’t cut taxes and these people didn’t get their bonuses, would their lives be better off?

Of course not.

It really gives you the impression that she thinks that we’re just a bunch of sharecroppers doomed to eek out a living with the only way up being government programs.

Only if we were all born with the fortune of parents that could get us six figure jobs in media, we’d understand that a $1,000 bonus is worthless.

No wonder people hate the media.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Dear Katy Tur”
  1. “No wonder people hate the media.”

    ‘Hate’ is not a strong enough word when it comes to the libtard MSM.

    Loathe and abhor come close, but still missing a bit more heat.

  2. Katy is working hard to take the title of “Most Out Of Touch Leftist Yammerhead” from Nan and Debbie.

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