Via PJ Media. The following is one of those long rambling articles you are better off taking your time reading, preferably o an empty stomach.

Anyone guilty of hate speech – which should carry criminal penalties of 25 years to life – should be sent to special prisons designed to re-educate them and to instill values of tolerance, freedom, democracy, and human rights in them. Prison is about punishment, but it’s also about changing the behavior of criminals. We often tend to forget this in our country. Merely sending bigots to ordinary prisons is not good enough – they need to be sent to special prisons for bigots, which will re-educate them.

via Here Is Why It’s Time To Get Tough On Hate Speech In America | Thought Catalog.

The author of that quote is Tanya Cohen. I can’t get info on her and what shows is some bit on IMDB that probably is not the same person. Ms. Cohen seems to have a problem comprehending that Free Speech has a wide latitude in the US and it irks her to almost physical painful levels. As a good liberal, she believes in the powerful magic that comes with imposing strict laws that will make bad things disappear instantly or at least gives her the power to be her own little Kriminalkommissar and go after those that she deems offensive.

But she is only one person, right? Actually she seems to be a reflection of what is happening out there. She goes to mention a proposed Hate Speech Law in Australia:

A proposed human rights law called the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill would have made it illegal to offend, insult, humiliate, or intimidate people on the basis of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, immigrant status, marital/relationship status, political opinion, social origin, religion, nationality, medical history, family responsibilities, or industrial history – and the law stated that people would be declared guilty until proven innocent, effectively requiring people to prove in court that they did not violate the fundamental human rights of others with hate speech.

After that, you are now thinking: “No way, this has to be The Onion” Nope, Laws like this, with the blessings of the UN are being implemented everywhere, again with the misguided concept that once the make it illegal, Hate Speech will disappear from the brains of all the people and unicorns will fart free i multicolored fields of cotton candy.

She blames the Rwandan Genocide on hate speech. And I will admit that it did have part on the whole thing, but I give more credit to the massacre at the tens of thousands of machetes that were used to chop 600,000 unarmed and innocent people out of existence.

She is pretty hateful of the US, which she blames for the impossibility of achieving worldwide Political Nirvana in another article which she wrote in response of Americans commenting less than politely on her first article:

The failure to ban hate speech is not the only area where the US falls far behind other countries in terms of basic human rights. The US still has yet to ban gun ownership, still has yet to enact universal healthcare, still has yet to enact free higher education, still has yet to enact the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and still has yet to set up any kind of federal Human Rights Commission, among many other things.

via Why Do Americans Reject Human Rights When The Whole World Embraces Them? | Thought Catalog.
As a good Liberal, she ignores that Hate Speech is just a component of Genocide. Yes, it may be able to help some leader or group exact Mass Killings on a minority, but by itself is nothing more than words. And that goes double if the minority is properly prepared and willing to use those horrible instruments called guns to make sure that Hate Speech remains just that. And guns come handy to make sure people do not get sent to a re-education camp because they went ahead and called Ms. Cohen an irreversible dumb bitch whose brain probably runs on peyote.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Deeply inside the mind of a Liberal and maybe why the rest of the world is crazy.”
  1. Um, didn’t Ms. Cohen just insult us based on our political opinions?

    Hate speech by her definition.

    So she would be the first one sent to her re-education camp.

    Unintended consequences.

    1. Yeah pretty much what I came to as a conclusion after the first couple of sentences
      “They must be imprisoned for 25y for re-education to instill freedom and tolerance”
      Yeah ok – friggen moonbat.

  2. Ms Cohen heeds to immediately get on a flight to Meca and talk to the pilgrims about the “proper treatment of females” and how they are not doing it right. There that takes care of any concerns over U.S. Law.

  3. “Hate speech” is how you mobilize people to commit genocide. “Banning” it just forces it out of sight, but it’s still going on. The press doesn’t report about South African politicians singing “Kill the Boer” at political rallies, but it’s going on. They don’t report the white hatred pushed by people like “Reverend” Wright here in the US, or about the coordination of mass violence by blacks, but it’s going on.

    So long as it’s said in the open, it can be countered. You can argue against it, ridicule the idiots pushing it, and, worst comes to worst, be forewarned.

  4. She has a followup, explaining how us stupid/uneducated/hate-speeching hicks just don’t understand how good this will be for us. It includes this:
    “…For example, the policy regarding setting up state surveillance and re-education centers has indeed been proposed by human rights activists in Europe and can be read here (PDF). The fact that these proposals are considered to be so extreme and so outrageous to an American audience is a perfect indication of how America is a country without any kind of human rights-based culture whatsoever.”
    How very Soviet of them.

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