This is how fast and how far the degeneracy of Western Society has gone.

In the Western World, the Grandfather has a place of honor.

This dates back to ancient Rome with the Pater Familias, the “father of the family” who was the oldest living male in a household.

As recently as 2020 we respected the grandfather in Christmas ads.


Yes, it’s a little dusty now.  That’s okay.

This is not.


Now you’re angry and you’re pouring your J&B Whiskey down the drain..

The grandfather is wise and experienced and would not be indulging his grandson in such sexual degeneracy that would ultimately lead to his sterilization and the ending of his bloodline.

The grandfather would recognize this abhorrent social trend for what it is and not participate.

The grandfather would be a resolute and stalwart example of proud masculinity.

This degrades the grandfather.

This is an obscenity.

This is evidence that the whole purpose of this Leftist movement is to destroy the family as the bedrock of civilization.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Degerating grandpa in Christmas ads”
  1. I recently had a discussion with several people in a public setting, regarding this particular commercial. I was the only one who did not offer an opinion out of the fourteen people present. As the discussion progressed the majority of them noticed that I was listening intently but had not attempted to express my thoughts or opinion. So, they all looked at me and said, “Well what are your thoughts, we all offered ours, what’s yours?”

    I posed a situation for their consideration that goes like this; there is an even mix of all age-groups of people in society, on a large sinking boat and these people are the only people left on earth, they are 2000 in number. There are enough lifeboats that can make the trip to land, for only 200 of them. That’s 200 people to repopulate the earth….so who gets top priority to be included in the 200 select group?

    The discussion went back and forth with all manner of ethical reasonings being expressed. Again, I just listened until they all noticed I had not offered my thinking. When they turned their attention to me, I said,” First I take the middle aged to the oldest healthy males with proven experience at building traditional societies, then I allow them to select a healthy female who does not have children with them on the boat. Then to fill the remaining seats I again select the oldest healthy males based on their experience in survival, engineering, and general labor. And there will be no children nor unhealthy out of shape overweight individuals included. The base thinking is, “Pioneers who can endure starting from scratch”.

    Then I stated my thinking on that commercial: “It’s an abomination in a moral society, the opposite of the truth of reality, and by the way, you might ask how I would enforce this selection plan. By any means of force which would accomplish the goal.

  2. 1) I hope that their sales plummet. Go woke–go broke.
    2) The product supposedly being promoted is barely featured.
    3) The subject is 26 years old, and seems to be drinking a carbonated soft drink.
    4) I like the idea of family support for a child who is having difficulties. This is not helpful support.
    5) I HATE that song.

    1. Liberals DESTROY every thing they touch.
      I dont drink…. alcohol.. I also dont have or watch “regular “ tv so I am not subjected to insults like this drivel..

  3. Destroying Western Civilization and the Enlightenment, and leaving a wake of death and destruction in its path.

    1. Among the ones that want to appear manly and sophisticated, yes. It’s like a “beard” for masculinity.

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