Yesterday I said the Democrats never fail to disappoint and were failing the moral test on antisemitism, miserably.

That was yesterday morning.

By last night they had gone above and beyond anybody’s wildest expectations of just how bad they could be.

The Congressional Black Caucus, famous for its ethics violations and meetings with Louis Farrakhan, literally turned itself into bodyguards for Ilhan Omar against the media asking her questions about her statements.

Nancy Pelosi buckled to the pressures of the far Left of her party and delayed the vote on the resolution condemning antisemitism, perhaps indefinitely.  Furthermore, the resolution is being edited by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the same committee Omar sits on, which means she gets to write the resolution condemning herself.  Guess how strong that is going to be.

Pelosi also didn’t think Omar’s statements were “intentionally antisemitic” which translates to “her Jew hatred is just a Kinsley gaff and Democrats don’t get hoisted over gaffs.”

Speaking of weak tea, worthless condemnations, Democrat 2020 Presidential front runners, Senators Harris and Warren released their statements about Ilhan Omar.

From Senator Harris:

That’s some bullshit.

From Warren:

That’s some heap big bullshit.

Nothing but whataboutism where the rank antisemitism of a media popular Democrat Congresswoman is diluted in a bunch of other identity politics platitudes and an attempt to make Omar the victim.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to retweet a statement made by Yousef Munayyer, a Palestinian activist who openly supports a Palestinian terrorist movement, the PFLP.

This is the kind of “I’m not an antisemite, just and anti-Zionist” Jew hating Leftism he deals in.

His Twitter feed is filled with nothing but distorted lies about Israel, whataboutsim, and covering for Left wing antisemitsm.

Not just did AOC retweet a terrorist supporter, she went all in on “it’s not us, it’s the Republicans.”

Other than Steve King, who the entire Republican Party has turned their back on and ruined his career, what else?  The Left loves to hear the dog whistle in Trump’s Charlottesville statement but can’t confront multiple, repeated, tropes from one of their own.

Lastly, Senator Chuck Schumer agreed to speak at the AIPAC policy conference.  He’s been before, but I have a feeling he’s motivated this year to try to convince American Jews the Democrats are still the party they should support.

Holy fuck, click on the Tweet and go read the comments.

It’s like graffiti from 1936 Germany.

This is the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat Party.

This is the group that the Democrats are kowtowing to.

This shit with Ihan Omar is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is Germany in 1936, and we know what was happening by 1942.

There is no way this is just going to go away, this is going to get worse.

So much worse.

The Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews calling them a threat to German purity.

The Left is headed in the same direction using the financial cost aid to Israel and Palestinian rights as their justification.

I can smell the prussic acid blowing in from the Left.

I have a feeling that some time in the near future I’m going to be forced to flip the giggle switch to “ON.”

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Democrat antisemitism watch post of the day – March 7th.”
    1. The problem is half, or maybe more than half, of the US Jews are borderline progressives. They are probably running around supporting Omar to demonstrate how tolerant and progressive they are.

      One would figure, that after almost 6,000 years, the Jews would figure out that giving your enemy what they want does not make them your friend.

      Net result: If it actually came time to start shooting, the average Jew will be completely and totally unprepared. Hell, there will probably be some that will collaborate in order to save their own skin.

      1. I saw a bit of history that may explain some of this: apparently in parts of Europe in the middle ages, any Jew found with a weapon was put to death. A few centuries of that will serve to establish a culture of defenselessness.
        It doesn’t excuse carrying that over into civilized countries like the USA, but at least it suggests the mindset isn’t simply irrational foolishness.
        Re “learn how to shoot”, one nice article is this one: and in addition there are the “Rabbi Bendory” pages on

        1. And this is why so many damn Progressive Jews hate Israel. Every Jew in Israel (except the ultra orthodox) gets qualified on an M16. Israel is all about Jews not being defenseless anymore.

          There is nothing these unarmed Milquetoast Jews hate more than Jews who have guns and say “fuck this shit, next time, I’m shooting fucking back.”

          There is a reason I don’t fit in well at most American synagogues.

  1. Kamala Harris’s statement is instructive, not for all the -phobias and -isms she condemns but for her not condemning radical Islam. Of all the -phobias and -isms, she enumerates, Islamic Terrorists have actually killed more people than all the others combined. No, I do not condone Synagogue shootings, Church bombings or any other hate motivated violence. However to ignore the radical Islamisists for political purposes, just means you’re fighting over who gets beheaded (or gassed) last.

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