This is an obscenity:

There is no reason to ostracize a child like this.  COVID has virtually no risk and no transmissibility in little kids.

This is adults at the school tormenting a child because he is a member of an out-group, the non-masking.

This is evil.  It is evil to treat a child this way by people in authority.

In this post and my last post I don’t think the pandemic will end without a civil war.

Masked and unmasked, vaccinated and unvaccinated are not responses to a pandemic.  The animosity and rhetoric is too intense.  They are tantamount to Nazis and Jews, Hutus and Tusis, Young Turks and Armenians.  One group with power that blames all of their problems on the other, driving them out of society, and ultimately attempting to exterminate them.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Democrats LOVE segregation and the unvaccinated are the new n-words”
    1. Yep, demoncrats/fascists, take the statement “they can’t be that pucking stupid,” as a challenge to be proven wrong.

  1. This virus looks to be acting like pretty much every other virus that sickens humans.

    First it spreads quickly, and the people susceptible to it get sick or die. Those who are healthy either get mild symptoms, or they do not even notice they are exposed. Yes, their immune system does exactly what it is supposed to to.

    A few months/year later the virus is still around, but there are less people susceptible to getting sick or dying. (Wonder why they are talking about “cases.”) We sort of hit that stage early in the year, possibly last August.

    The louder and more strident the pro-vaxxers are, the more I go back and look at the charts and see that hospitalizations and deaths have pretty much flattened, despite “surges” of cases. And, then I just keep my mouth shut, because the Covidians are not going to hear it anyway.

  2. Surprised they didn’t take the kid out to the ditch yet.

    Maybe instead they will give him a bell to ring, as he says Leper, Unclean.

    Public School is Child Abuse.

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