Gun Control groups must be wondering what the hell has happened. There is a definitive smell of confusion permeating in their social media with a big dash of desperation. Legislatures everywhere are chock-full of pro-gun bills and they are not only being proposed but advancing, What was supposed to be their secured battlefield with a Congress firmly in the hands of Republicans, they made no bones about gong after the State Legislatures for this year’s fight, but it seems we were already occupying the high ground.

Even the all-but-deceased Open Carry bill in Texas is back in motion (no thanks to the OCTarados), Campus carry is being debated in several states, some with a decent chance of passing while other states are on the road to Constitutional Carry.

Even at the Federal Executive level, part and parcel under control of an administration not fond of the Second Amendment, took a hit when the ATF had moonwalk its ban om M855 ammunition.  And even though Senate Democrats want to introduce a bill that bans any and all ammo that defeats body armor, the chances of passing that are somewhere the same of reciting the Declaration of Independence in space without a suit and helmet and remain alive.

Maybe the people are waking up to the Opposition’s tactics. And certainly they do not like being insulted. I had the chance to catch the tail end of the testimonies on Campus Carry at the Texas Legislature (Thanks Rachel Malone) and one that stayed with me was a Chemistry professor who wasted about a third of his time reciting his accolades (I am smarter than you) and about his work with 20 graduate students in some project or something, and then he proceeded to tell the members of the committee how bad the law would be because college students were /drunk/druggies/stupid/immature/depressive/etc. This guy on the record, insulted his students without giving it a thought. If they are supposed to be so dangerous, how come you are teaching them chemistry? Anybody with a basic knowledge of chemistry can produce explosives far more deadly than an Evil Black Rifle with a 30 rounds per second Assault Magazine Clip.

Will we get all the bills passed & signed into law? Nopers. If we pass 50% it will be a triumph and even those bills that did not make it, we will probably see again next year. Ours is a war of attrition and we have the numbers and the patience…plus we are sneaky shits.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. ” Anybody with a basic knowledge of chemistry can produce explosives far more deadly”

    Funny story, I took chemistry my junior year of high school. At the end of the first 6 week grading period, I was called to the councilors office. She explained to me that maybe I wasn’t cut out to be in a chemistry class. I didn’t understand. It was after all, a small explosion. They didn’t even evacuate the school. It seems that sulfur, potassium nitrate and powdered carbon don’t react well to being heated. So now I keep my experimentation with splody stuff to commercially produced powders.

  2. My high school chemistry teacher would paint the hall floor with nitrogen triiodide — it would dry, then become and extremely sensitive explosive. The thin coating didn’t do anything but pop and leave a red smear, but it certainly kept the class interested. Oh, and the red smear evaporated before school was out.

    But explosives aren’t half the danger from chemistry — poisons. In liquid, solid, and gaseous forms.

    Or, if someone wanted to off a chemist, just creatively related some jars.

  3. “the chances of passing that are somewhere the same of reciting the Declaration of Independence in space without a suit and helmet and remain alive.”

  4. Remember that the deadliest school massacre used explosives (dynamite I think) and not guns.

    Of course, we all know that the Level 10 Force Fields erected by “Gun Free Zone” signs are what keep our kids safe. /end sarcasm.

    Finally, I love how the opposition morphs continuously regarding college students. They are so smart and sophisticated so they should vote (Democrat of course) and have access to medical marijuana, and be kept on their parents health insurance until they are 26 and are a source of great knowledge on international relations and the evils of Israel.

    Then, all of a sudden we mention them serving in the military or owning and carrying firearms and they disparage them as drooling drunks and habitual rapists.

    Which is it, Progressives?

    Hint: you are wrong on both counts. They are too stupid to vote (because they vote Democrat) and they are too smart so they are not rapists and they can and should be armed on campus.

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