I am doing my ritual morning perusal through the Opposition’s Facebook pages and I find the latest from the Brady Bunch.

Brady Campaign Zimmerman Libel 0

Nothing unusual. George still is having issues with women (But that is another post altogether) so I click on the link to read the Brady Press Release and I almost fell off the chair:

According to Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, his client threw a wine bottle in his girlfriend’s direction during the incident.

Brady Campaign Zimmerman Libel 2


I had read several news items and in all what I saw was Mr. West commenting on what the warrant said it allegedly  happened. However the language of the  press release by Dan Gross appears to say that Mr. West is confirming that the event happened as such.

I have very high doubts that Don West said such thing as it is not his first time at the judicial rodeo, so I am inclined to say somebody in the Brady Campaign got stupid and tried to play with words to appear somewhat butch and relevant which may result in legal action against them.

Here is a bigger screen cap of the press release and a PDF version  of it:

Brady Campaign Zimmerman Libel 3


I expect that somebody will tell Brady to wise up and change the press release…but the Internet is forever.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “Did the Brady Campaign set itself up for a libel lawsuit?”
  1. News 13 of Orlando, Florida reported on Zimmerman’s court appearance on Saturday, January 10:

    “During a court appearance Saturday morning, Zimmerman was joined by his attorney, Don West, who was part of the legal team that represented Zimmerman in 2013 during his murder trial for shooting Trayvon Martin.

    “West confirmed his client was with his girlfriend when he threw the bottle toward her. No one was injured in the incident, West said.”

    URL: http://www.mynews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/articles/cfn/2015/1/10/george_zimmerman.html#.VLEMrVaabDs.twitter

  2. He (allegedly) threw a wine bottle?

    I thought he had guns! Isn’t the presence of guns supposed to turn every domestic dispute into a shooting/murder?

    Why, then, was he using a wine bottle?

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