OK, we have been trolled like a boss, up and including The Times of Israel who removed the article.

The pic comes back to Nancy Goldstein, writer for The Guardian, The Nation, NPR, Politico, Salon, Slate, the American Prospect, and the Washington Post.

Not the first time and won’t be the last. Now, where is my slice of humble pie?

Just a short fisking:

All countries, that is, except for the United States. In the US, all manner of hateful and discriminatory expression is permitted under the guise of “freedom of speech.” Civilized, human rights-based countries not only have laws against hate speech, but also laws against things like insults, Holocaust denial, voicing approval of terrorist attacks, indecent depictions of violence, disparaging the memory of deceased persons, the dissemination of offensive ideas, and other forms of speech that violate the basic human rights and human dignity of others. America, on the other hand, does not have any of that, and the US steadfastly refuses to protect vulnerable minorities from even the most extreme forms of hate speech.

via America Desperately Needs a Hate Speech Law | Dinah Silverstein | The Blogs | The Times of Israel.

Dear Dinah, how do I begin? It is an American thing that you would not understand. That we have people engaged in what you call “hate speech”? Probably, in fact and with such loose definitions of Hate Speech floating around, encompassing just about anything said that a selected few (like yourself) find offensive, my name should be on the arrest warrant’s list. Do we have Hate groups? Surely, up and including those who claim victim of hate speech status but you would not have the Fallopian Tubes to confront because they are “protected and you would be accused of Hate Speech.”

o why we Ugly Americans allow “Hate Speech” to free-flow and “injure” those who are “targeted” by its ugliness? Because we also have the right to address them shitheads by saying fuck you twice and with relish while raising both middle fingers to their faces, laughing at them and then go on to live our lives. If we have time, we bring them out to the sun and display them for all to see and laugh, pat them in the butt and send them home like bratty children.

You see, we kinda figured that laws will not cure Hate Speech, it will only move it into a place where authorities cannot see it where it will fester and grow. It is much better to display it, let people see the Haters for what they are and tell our children “See how stupid they look? Don’t you go doing that.” Lesson learned.


UN Human Rights Council has repeatedly expressed deep concern about America’s refusal to protect vulnerable minorities from hate speech.

Oh Dear me! The UN Human Rights Council is miffed at us! Such paragons of Human Rights like Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Venezuela, Sierra Leone, etc are worried about the possible violations of Human Rights by some KuKler calling somebody a Spic, a Nigger or a Chink? I feel most embarrassed about it. OK, not really.

This next one is grand:

Hate speech has consequences, and those consequences can often be fatal. In Rwanda, racist hate speech against the Tutsi minority built up over a period of several years, eventually inciting the genocide that led to around 1,000,000 deaths. In the Holocaust, racist hate speech against Jews and others led to at least 12,000,000 deaths in concentration camps (my grandparents are Holocaust survivors, so this is very personal to me).

Let me get this clear, you want the government to save people from Hate Speech because it can lead to genocide and as example you give two cases in which the government was the cause of both the Hate Speech and the Genocide? Brilliant! Do you actually get paid for this crap? But it gets better:

More recently, racist hate speech against Muslims inspired Anders Behring Breivik to slaughter 77 people in Norway

For those of you who can’t quite place it, she is referring to the Oslo bombing Utoya Island Massacre in Norway in 2011 where 77 were killed.  Funny thing, very few minorities were targeted, in fact the bulk of the victims were the same race and color as the attacker. So, why is Ms. Silverstein co-opting this event? You are gonna have to ask her, I think that if I were to call her a manipulative liar, I may end up accused of Hate Speech.

Thousands of people are killed each year because of the gun lobby’s propaganda manipulating public opinion against sensible gun bans,

Now this is fresh and imaginative on her part. We the “Gun Lobby” who believes in the right of People of any creed, color, sexual preference and/or flavor of Twinkie to own the devices that will protect them in case of attack by those who wish us harm, are pushers of Hate Speech. Kinda funny to think that advocating “sensible” gun laws, tend to leave minorities disarmed….like in Nazi Germany or Rwanda. It always makes me laugh when somebody who says she hates what happened to the Jewish People in 1930s Germany take the side of the KKK and assorted Aryan Nations when it comes to guns. Dear Ms. Silverstein: Nothing says “Stop Hate Speech & Deeds” like the proper application of buckshot against Night Raiders who were stupid enough to burn a cross in your front yard and tried to beat you and your family to death. Guns are fantastic behavioral-modification devices when it comes to racism, homophobia and religious intolerance among other things. Your way? We need to wait for a high commission to come analyze the problem, wait six months and read the report condemning the killings in a ceremony held by the graves of those killed under the blue banner of “Peace Keepers”.

In this country we rather go for the Peacemaker option to control Haters.

colt peacemaker


But of course, Ms. Silverstein would consider it a violation of the Human Rights of the Haters too.

Too much BS in that article, done fisking it. It is Monday anyway.


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