All these cries for a “revolution” from the Left and related idiots.  We are talking about people whose definition of preparedness is having a fully charged Smart Phone and a battery backup on their way to an Anti Trump march wearing a pussy hat.

These are the people (unarmed people at that) that are going against a very-tired-of-your-bullshit individuals who in some way or another, have been preparing for manure to intercept the fan scenario. We are talking millions who own guns that make the top ten armies in the world seem puny. Millions who have stockpiled billions of rounds of ammunition and even worse: the make their own.  There was some Lefty journo reminding and warning about how the 60s and 70s there were bomb all over the place, but he ignores those rednecks that blow shit for fun every day right, know how to go to Loews and come out with all the materials for a couple of hundred pipe bombs and a sub machine gun. Oh yes, it would be a very spectacular Revolution, lots of explosions and shots and the rest of the crap associated with one.

And it would last about a week, two at the most.  After that, it would be only a matter of watching the news about the Lefty Americans who crossed the border illegally and are now in refugee camps near Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary. And the press conference where the Mexican President is sending troops to the border to protect Mexico’s sovereignty from the hordes of Gringo escapees invading the country.

The bad thing? We would need to have emergency Congressional elections since almost half the congresscritters would be gone and residing comfortably in Switzerland, France or (more likely) countries without extradition accords with the US.

So dear Lefties, shut the hell up about the Revolution. Your idea of hardship is having to wait 10 extra minutes for your Uber-delivered sushi.  You cannot even imagine how ugly civil warfare can get. One hint: Smells a lot like burnt BBQ, only it ain’t pig.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Do you know what strikes me as funny?”
  1. Not to diminish the abilities of “preppers”, but there is a saying never underestimate your enemy. Many of these commie soy boys would do anything because of a broken moral compass.

  2. Miggy, I ask you not to be so sanguine… remember the millions of inner city gang members; encouraged, protected, trained… and mercilessly darwinized into effective irregular shock troops… almost as if by design… by generations of urban liberal leaders.

    I fear they will make the real Nazi SS look like Eagle Scouts in comparison.

    Prep, equip and train.

    1. Thing is, the inner city gang dudes aren’t exactly enamored with the pasty white SJW brigade either, nor are they exactly going to fight battles at the beck and call of white liberal wannabe leaders. It’s not a culture that really snaps to attention because some woke wannabe snaps his fingers.

      1. True. But the question is what damage they can inflict, acting on their own. One book where that question is examined at some length is “Lucifer’s Hammer” — one of the best SF stories ever and still very much worth reading. I read it not long after “The day after” aired on TV to great hoopla; it made me realized the TV show was whitewashed optimism of the highest order and L.H. is far more realistic.

        Meanwhile, on a related topic, today’s WSJ has a book review of a history book “Rome: a history in seven sackings”. It mentioned something interesting: after the Gothic Wars of the 6th century, the aqueducts that had supplied running water to Rome for centuries were cut, “greatly reducing the carrying capacity of the city” which as a result remained mostly abandoned for a long time. I’ve seen discussion on and off about what loss of food supply would do to modern cities; loss of water supply would be even more drastic and quick.

        1. Let’s ask Capetown how that works? Oh, yes: sphincter clenching. Bad times. Thought experiment: should some large US city (Chicago? Detroit? Anywhere in Southern California?) lose municipal water, what other source of potable water (a) exists, and (b) is accessible to the Golden Horde?

    2. And you know what will happen? they will go after each other first. Loot their communities and kill their own neighbors. No Mad Max rolling caravans. I have seen it happen.
      By the time they are out of resources and think about other neighborhoods, they will be sized down enough to be easy picks by a semi-organized group. A great example here in the US was the Algiers Point neighborhood in NOLA after Katrina. The roaming gang members nearby tried to loot ONCE. One got shot and was later found dead. They never tried again.

  3. I cringe when I see people on the right talk about how fast a civil war would end. The left is not to be underestimated. The big difference between the two groups is this:
    The left has shown that they are willing to use violence to reach their end goal, and the right mostly talks crap on the Internet. For example:
    Antifa spent the entire 2016 election cycle beating Trump supporters. There were cases where people were beaten and/or pepper sprayed while being interviewed. When some of the targets of their attacks responded with violence of their own, the press saw to it that they were vilified, while antifa acts were largely ignored.

    The reason for this is twofold:
    1 The left is being supported by the press, by billionaire wannabe tyrants, and by the deep state.
    2 Those on the right have far more to lose than those on the left. Many of us have jobs, property, and savings that we don’t want to lose.

    The civil war has already begun. So far, it is largely being fought online. As soon as someone on the right even LOOKS like they will resist, the lose their job.
    Nearly all of the violence is being carried out by the left. Those of us on the right do nothing but talk and complain.because we have more to lose.

  4. Anyone else notice Uncle Joe Stalin picture in the background?

    This pussy hat turd will be among the first of the useful idiots put up against a wall.

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