For the last several days I’ve been getting unsolicited emails from a moron that identifies himself as Donald Hayes.

“my name is Donald i seal the best of guns and bullet i promise to give you the best of guns and bullet.

Yup, just like that. He also includes some attachments that are apparently pics and even though the anti-virus did not kick in, I don’t feel like opening.

I tried to tell Mr. Hayes that I am not interested, but he kept insisting. Then I told him “Thank you Mr. ATF agent, I am not playing.” but he played fool and kept emailing. Tired of the BS, I asked him for a copy of his FFL to which he admitted he did not have one but he has a buddy with a gun shop. That led me to ask him to get me a copy of his buddy’s FFL and he ignored me and repeated that he “seals best guns.”

So the guy is some idiot troll unaware that by offering to sell me guns and ammunition, he is breaking Federal Law and that he can land his pretty arse in Fed prison or it is an ATF/MAIG Investigator/CBI/NYPD or some other agent trying to do some entrapment for fun and money.

He uses the email which stops at Google in CA.

Some of his memorable writings are:

“what the you min that

“come and buy your guns and bullet”

“Hi i have a new gun the latest one if i can see some one who need it i we seal”

OK seriously, if this is a Fed, his education is less than the guys writing the Nigerian Bank scams. That is pitiful. I am gonna give him a couple of days in case he comes up with a copy of a FFL stolen from who knows where and then he gets the filter into the great email void.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Donald Hayes: ATF Entraper or Idiotic Troll?”
  1. Hmmm…any way you could forward those emails to the BATFEIEIO or some other .gov alphabet soup? Definitely something shady going on with that mouthbreather.

  2. My first assumption was that “seal” isn’t a mis-spelling of ‘sell,” it’s a mis-spelling of “steal”

    sell->seal is kind of a hard spelling to screw up. Dropping a keystroke is easy.

    1. Or it’s intentional. Like texting “breed” instead of “bleed” so you can deny you were talking about beating someone to a bloody pulp.

  3. He has clearly studied at the Nigerian School of Entrepreneurship. I would start stringing him along 419-eater style.

  4. If a fed – probably trying to use the misspellings that their expected target audience would be familiar with.

    – Be sure to keep printed copies of them all for a little while.
    – Be sure not to reply with threats, suggestions, or anything ‘improper’

    If it DOES turn out to be BigGov trying to snare you, you’ll have records of the emails so they can’t be disavowed.

    Until then – return the trolls and share the fun with us so we can laugh along with you 🙂

  5. Look at his email header. The initial IP address where the email originated will be there. You can find a plethora of information from an IP, and if you know any digital dark wizards, they can get more by invading whatever computer(s) is attached to it.

  6. Numerous state-controlled newspapers and TV stations have been running “stings” in which they buy a ZOMG AK47!!!!1!1!! from an online ad with NO BACKGROUND CHECK!!!1!!!!11.

    (Sorry if I got any of their spittle on you). Remember, these are the same people selected for (1) the school they went to or (2) their hairdo, like that genius Tori Campbell in San Francisco who read the “Korean pilots” names like Ho Lee Fuk on the air.

    They’re apparently being coordinated by ATF as part of the lobbying push for Schumer-Manchin-Toomey II or whatever hairball Congress coughs up.

    Here’s one with the Toronto Star. Note that it was coordinated with BATFE all the way:

    And here’s one about a KDVR-TV Denver reporter Josh Bernstein doing the same back in April:

    Also, there was a similar sting aired on Boston ABC broadcast station tonight according to a phone call I got. I could not find the story.

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