J. Kb sent me this one.

I could not find how the story ended, hopefully the homeowner took the time to call 911 and barricade himself with firepower in case critters decided to break in rather than wait for the door to be opened.

The bad guys realize there is a door bell camera, but apparently do not know how wide  is the angle of view.  Truly other than totally block the camera, I have no idea what else they could do to avoid being seen. Particularly for me, if my doorbell cam is suddenly not working, you can bet your as I am going into full defensive posture while dialing 911. And adding another camera away from the door but covering it and the most likely path of approach would help in assessing what’s out there bumping into your door at the wee hours of the night.  Have a back up for your back up.

Use anything that extends your capacity to detect danger without augmenting your exposure to said danger.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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