I want to be clear about this, I do not hate transpeople.

If you are an adult, and you have, after much counseling, decided that you want to undergo hormone therapy and possibly cosmetic surgery to appear as the opposite gender, that is your choice and you should have the freedom to make it.

I really don’t care what you change your name to or how you alter your appearance accordingly, this is the Land of Liberty.

There are times where the transgender issue starts to become a matter of public policy.  These are times when the biological realities of being transgender intersect with the social norms that we have as people operating in communal spaces.

For instance, it is fair for a biological male who identifies as a female to totally dominate in a female sports league?

How do we address public bathroom or school locker room accommodations.  Again, what to do when a girl’s gym class is made to feel uncomfortable because a clearly biological male is allowed to use the girl’s locker room to shower and change for gym.

We should be able to have these discussion like rational people.

Unfortunately, the issue is that Progressive identity politics and its winner takes all, scorched earth tactics do not allow that.

The trans issue, the entire sex and gender issue for that matter, has been weaponized in the culture war.

I have complained in the past about Drag Queen Story Time at libraries.  I’ve been to a drag show.  My cousin did drag, I have another friend who came out of the closet to do drag as well.  Whatever, it’s campy gay burlesque.  I like burlesque for that matter as well.

That doesn’t mean I think it is in any way appropriate for drag queens to teach small, prepubescent children, how to pick out their drag names.  Drag is adult themed.  Id’ have just as much of an issue with one of those pole dancing fitness classes being opened up to little girls.

So there was a Drag Queen Story Time in Houston.  It was shut down.   That was framed as ‘those hateful anti gay bigots closed down story time with the kids.’  What you were not told until down in the story was that one of the queens was a convicted pedophile.

The zenith of the Progressive sexuality culture war is trans-children.

I covered, late last year, a story in Texas that involved a custody dispute over a trans child.  I was concerned at the time that the Progressives would get to the point where the goverment could take a child and perform a transition on that child in direct opposition to the wishes of the parents.

The some progressive goverment bureaucrat could decided your child was trans and send them off for sexual reassignment without the parents consent.

Well, that is the battle being fought by one family in the UK right now.

From the Daily Mail.

Social services threaten to take autistic boy into care after his parents refuse to let doctors give him powerful sex-change drugs

The parents of an autistic teenage boy were warned he would be taken into care after they objected to him being given powerful hormone drugs to help him change sex.

Doctors at an NHS clinic had recommended he be given puberty-blockers – which delay adolescence – after the youngster declared he believed he was female.

But his mother and father, fearing the potential side-effects of the drugs, stopped him going to the clinic. And they suspected his abrupt decision to change sex was a result of his autism.

This isn’t the first story out of the UK that I have read where there is the accusation that autistic children are being coerced into believing they are transgender by activist counselors who conflate issues with autism with issues with gender dysphoria.

The progress on this seems to be accelerating in the UK.

After the boy told the school he had been barred from treatment, a teacher told his parents that they should find alternative accommodation for their son or else he would be put into temporary foster care. And the school reported the couple to children’s services for being ‘emotionally abusive’ to their son by not supporting his wish to change gender.

So a learning disabled child suddenly is identified as trans, the state wants to put him on poison to destroy his body, and when his parents object, they are threatened with being abuse and having their son taken away.

I can’t tell if this sound more like the plot of a horrific Twilight Zone where the twist is the state’s doctor is really Josef Mengele with a fake identity.

A month later, the local authority placed him in a child protection plan after social workers concluded he was likely to suffer ‘significant harm’ under his parents’ care.

Unlike the ‘significant harm’ of puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgical castration?

I’m sorry, if a a fully developed adult, with complete body autonomy wants to undergo gender reassignment, that’s their right.

Doing this to a learning disabled child is right out of the physician ward at Auschwitz.

However, the family avoided seeing the boy go into foster care because a family friend agreed that he could live with them. Children’s services have now taken the boy out of child protection and earlier this year he moved back home.

The parents, who are both middle-class professionals, revealed their ordeal to The Mail on Sunday after reports that at least three children were taken into care last year because their parents objected to them changing gender.

This is horrifying beyond my ability to put words to it.

She said: ‘I’m absolutely devastated. When I saw the report that social services wrote about us and saw the words “emotional abuse”, I just broke down.

‘All we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions. My biggest worry as a mum is my child gets pushed down this route, becomes a woman, goes through the surgery, then gets to 25 and says, “I’ve made a mistake.”’

This is how you know that psychology has been taken over by activists and not scientists.  Once upon a time, in order to have gender transition, it was a long an intense process under the care of the psychologist.  They didn’t start with hormones and surgery.  The process was to make sure you really had gender dysphoria before doing anything permanent.

Now a child says he thinks he’s a girl and they just jump right in with the puberty blockers.

The first rule of medicine is “first, do no harm.”   I can’t think of anything more harmful than subjecting a confused child to chemical castration because you are being “woke” to trans issues.

The family’s problems began in 2015 when the boy started struggling to cope with the pressures of secondary school due to his Asperger’s and autism. He started to self-harm and his parents asked his GP to refer him to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

During an appointment with a child psychotherapist, the boy announced he believed he was female. His parents said he had never mentioned such a belief to them previously and suspected that his sudden interest in changing gender may have been another of his autistic obsessions. However, they agreed for him to be referred on to the Leeds branch of the Tavistock Clinic – the only NHS service for under-18s who are confused about their gender.

But they became frustrated by the ‘vague’ approach of psychologists and their apparent failure to ‘get to grips’ with the boy’s autism.

Why does that not surprise me.

The final straw came when they saw a report recommending that their son, who was approaching 15, be prescribed puberty-blockers.

‘We had read that these blockers might not be reversible and there might be long-term effects for brain development,’ his mother said. So in 2017, the couple took the decision to remove their son from the care of the Tavistock.

Six months later, the school informed them that their son would not be returning home and they were being reported to children’s services.

Welcome to the NHS, where you are not a patient but a subject of the medical bureaucracy.

His mother said: ‘They were worried because he was coming out of lessons, going to the toilets, cutting himself and saying that Mum and Dad wouldn’t get on board with him wanting to be a girl.

‘The school and social workers took what our child said as gospel. But considering he has autism, his perception of social scenarios is seen through an autism lens.’

It is one of the Commandments of Progressivism, thou shalt not question the lived experiences of a victim class individual.

Although the family are back together, the boy’s mother is still angry about their treatment. She said: ‘I cannot bear the thought of other families going through what we’ve been through. It has been horrendous.’

The Mail on Sunday reported last year that a third of those referred to the Tavistock show strong signs of autism.

This is not medicine.

This is not psychology.

This is gender Lysenkoism.

Learning disabled children are being coerced and poisoned because of the political ideology of the bureaucrats in power.

Josef Mengele is in charge of the NHS.

British style socialized healthcare is what the Democrats are pushing in the United States.  This is the result.  You don’t get a second opinion.  You don’t get to take your child away from a doctor if you are not pleased with their services.

The first rule of tyranny is “the bureaucracy is never wrong.”  Food shortages were never the fault of the bureaucrats who mismanaged and miscalculated, it was the farmers’ faults and they were the ones shot for treason.

In this single payer system, the doctor is a bureaucrat.  If the doctor says your son is trans and needs to be sterilized and mutilated, you as the parent are powerless to object.

I want to be clear about this.

If some school social worker with a gender studies degree decides that one of my children is transgender and must be put on puberty blockers, and if I object my child will be taken from me…

Burt Gummer’s rec room and got shit on me.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Dr. Mengele has taken over the NHS”
  1. Not a problem, just a way of preventing the “feeble minded” from breeding with out having to build gas chambers. Just one more example that Socialists and Nazis are the same under the skin.

    1. I don’t know which scenario is more repellent, your hypothesis or just that some people in the NHS really believe doing this is a good thing.

      And note I’m not saying you’re wrong.

  2. The poor kid won’t “become a woman” — they’ll be a mutilated man with a screwed up body chemistry. Every cell in his body will still have the genes of a male.

  3. I’ve never understood why stories like this don’t end with a court date for the father who walked the offices involed with a high powered rifle. These bureaucrats seem to believe there’s no line in the sand.

    I don’t have kids, but I wouldn’t convict a parent whose final act matched your sentiment.

    P.S.- Hi, f b i!

  4. It’s hardly surprising to see this sort of thing from the NHS; after all they have already murdered a sick child in spite of the parents’ best efforts to save her.

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