I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s.

The idea of pulling out my phone and recording every damn thing is anathema to me.

I hate seeing other people do it.

Unfortunately, I think we’re all going to have to adopt that mentality.


According to the news, the man who drew the gun is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The problem is, we only have the video of the guy who got the gun pointed at him, and he was the guy who approached the other driver.

We don’t know if he was threatening before he started recording.

We don’t know if the other driver was justified in pulling his gun.

Expect your enemy to use their phone against you.

You need to, I need to, be prepared to use your (and my) phone against them.

If you need to draw and fire, you should have video justification for why you did.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Draw your phone before your gun”
  1. Only seeing what we have, Red Jeep guy could have gone around the guy earlier or if his life was truly in danger, used the vehicle against the man. He tried to be Hard Ass Gun toting and lost.
    D.A. will simply proclaim that if Red Jeep was actually in fear for his life, he would have gone around, run over the other idiot or simply pulled the trigger.
    The fac he did none of the above and then drove away fucked him up.

  2. I’d suggest trying that video idea at the range before adopting the tactic. Or get a dashcam and a bodycam like the cops. The latter might be a little socially awkward, though.
    Yeah, the Jeep guy is an idiot.

  3. every time I read about this type of thing it makes me more and more not go out in “society” and be around the public.. people SUCK. and they are wound tighter and tighter and tighter…. avoidence, distancing and IF the gun comes out you better kill.. or else its as above- threatening with deadly weapon…
    just drive, avoid and ignore the idiots. don’t let your tiny little ego put you in prison..

  4. The lawful action to take in this case would have been to power the window up while pulling your gun from concealment and positioning it out of the line of sight of the aggressive person who has blocked you and is out of their vehicle and approaching your vehicle. Your gun should be just below the window out of sight (assuming the glass is not tinted) but pointed directly toward the lower torso (because we are in the Dick Shooter’s Club) of the aggressive driver moving toward your driver’s door and window.
    This is where a gun mounted camera unit, such as the Viridian X5L which auto activates when drawn from the holster, becomes a legal life saver. Don’t speak with the instigator, don’t interact at all, but look straight at him and wait with finger on the trigger, for him to bring a gun into view or act as if he’s bringing a gun into play, or begins to engage in breaching your parameter.
    Knowing your states laws and case laws on road rage and use of force is the key to what your acts of lawful self-defense can be. In Florida the second that a gun comes into view my gun comes up just high enough to allow the camera to capture the scene through the window and I put rounds on the deadly threat until the threat ends.
    Now if windows are tinted (which one of two of my vehicles are) enough to obscure the threat’s ability to clearly see a gun through the glass, then I have my gun up in order to record the actions of the threat prior to him bringing a gun into play. But if there is no gun in the potential threat’s hands and he begins to physically do violence to the window I wait ready with gun in hand for the moment in which the parameter is breached before I put self-defense rounds on the intruder until the intrusion ends—the objective is that the threatening act ends and hopefully the intruder survives.
    It is also a good idea to speak your reasoning as the situation unfolds, just loud enough for the camera to pick up. Speak as much detail as possible to build your legal case and to provide evidence which supports your lawful act of self-defense. With tinted windows you can bring the gun up to capture the subject long before he gets to the side of your vehicle. The objective is to capture him on camera and to provide audio description of him and his actions and if possible, witnesses car plates etc.
    It takes less than three seconds for most people to get out of their vehicle and arrive at your vehicle door and window. There is no time to use a cellphone camera unless you have it out and running before you are stopped by the other driver. Also if your window is not tinted, you can bring the gun with active camera up just briefly to capture the person, and then bring the gun back down to a ready position your best at using when under a deadly threat.

  5. I took Andrew Branca’s Law of Self Defense class many years ago. He ends the class with this:
    Even if you do everything correctly, you can still be convicted in error. So before you draw your weapon, picture yourself sitting in prison 20 years from now thinking about if what you chose to do was worth it.

  6. When the “Mostly Peaceful protests” kicked off a couple years ago, I installed front and rear dash cams in both my cars. If things get spicy, I want video evidence on my side that I can use to plead my case in court.
    Don’t be the only one who didn’t get video of the situation.

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