Dude, the Sixties are over.

This is The Peter Fonda of Easy Rider fame. Just like his sister, he loves to see Americans in cages being abused by communists.

The Fonda family does have a connection with cages: Her sister Jane parading around Vietnam giving moral support to enemies of the US that kept POWs in bamboo cages.


Is he trying to rekindle his status as a “star” by being as big of an asshole as his sister?

More and more, the Left is giving away evidence that they are the ones who love to be dictators no matter what. They want you dead or in a concentration camp.

6 Replies to “Dude, the Sixties are over.”

  1. Something, something, sexism .. dude, “gash” is even worse than c**t. Jesus, these people really are hypocrites when they let the hate out.

  2. Sanctimonious hypocrisy, violence, bigotry & hatred for those who are not part of the “group-think.” Just another day for the typical progtard.

    Shocker, not.

  3. Jane Fonda was giving aid and comfort to the enemy by encouraging and applauding and loving on the crews NVA Flak Guns in the Hanoi area. My friend and mentor, Pancho B. ( he knows who he is) at that time was a US Naval Flight Officer/ navigator in the general vicinity. She was encouraging them in their task of killing my friend.

    I don’t fault them , they were soldiers duty bound.

    As forJane? She was a self serving volunteer advocate and communist shill who called our POWs liars when they said they were tortured. She is a stranger to common decency.

    Peter Fonda should hang his head in shame; crude vulgarity is all he has to offer. Apparently, he too, is a stranger to common decency.

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